Florida Reports Highest New Cases In Two Months

Florida Reports Highest New Cases In Two Months

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

Florida added 5,558 coronavirus cases Thursday, the highest number recorded in a single day since August 15, excluding two days where health officials noted irregularities in reporting. Thursday’s caseload brings the total number of infections recorded statewide to 768,091, according to the Florida Department of Health. The weekly average number of cases jumped to about 3,300 cases per day.

About 2,100 people in Florida are hospitalized with a primary diagnosis of coronavirus, according to the Agency for Health Care Administration. About 460 of those are hospitalized in the Tampa Bay area. Statewide, about 24 percent of hospital beds and 23 percent of intensive care unit beds were available Thursday. In Tampa Bay, about 21 percent of hospital beds and 19 percent of ICU beds were available.

There is more at the link above.  DeSantis claims the Covid the deaths are over stated and wants the health department to half the numbers, at the same time experts say the number of deaths is 25 to 35 % underreported.  These red state governors are desperate to fool people in to pretending the Covid virus never happened or is over and gone.   Hugs

6 thoughts on “Florida Reports Highest New Cases In Two Months

  • I’m surprised you haven’t already noticed the strings holding these governors up … you know, the ones that Trump manipulates to keep his puppets doing what he wants?

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    • Hello Nan. 😀😁😃

      Now that it is hitting the red states hard and they are out of money, which I think is the big reason all these states want to ignore Covid and return to pre-Covid activities, I just don’t understand why McConnell refuses to help out the states. It is the states these Republicans represent like his own Kentucky. Maybe it is because the Republicans have gerrymandered the states so deeply that they can not lose that they simply don’t care. But I am stunned at the real lack of concern. They have turned the country in to a third world or worse place. They seem to want a displaced poor that has to beg to survive and lives in shanty towns like India.

      How long can the people tolerate this situation, before they simply can not stand it anymore? When will it hurt the selfish self dealing politicians? I have read that because they know Biden will win they do not want to pass anything that will make it easier for Joe, but they want the people as miserable as possible so they blame Biden. I don’t think most people will fall for that. What do you think? I listen to McConnell give a speech claiming that it was Pelosi and the House that was holding everything up and she did not want to deal. Same thing tRump said at the debate. yet the House passed the HEROS act in May and the Senate has ignored it completely. It seems reality no longer matters, the Republicans give speeches to be played on SPTV and the Democrats use reality to play on the other main stream media. Hugs

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      • Of course they want people to think it’s “all the Democrats’ fault!” That’s an easy one.

        What’s disappointing is that so many don’t follow the news on these issues so they just take comments like this at face value.

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        • Hello Nan. We really need to teach thinking and reason in this country. We need to drill down on education, get science and biology. back to the level of importance they use to have. Schooling use to be as fact based as possible. Yes in my youth we had scandal rags that printed the most unbelievable stories, but now we have Qanon and 4 chan and all the other dead ends of the internet. On Bill Maher he claims that 24% believe in Qanon and another 24% are not sure. That is 48% of the country. How can we function this way. Hugs

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    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. I agree and stupid also. Did you ever see the video of him trying to put on a mask at a press conference? He put the one strap over his head and couldn’t figure out what to do with the other one. I think someone would have told him they go over his ears if he was so stupid not to look how others were wearing them. Hugs


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