Florida Man Fired After Speaking Up About Boss Threatening Layoffs if Biden Wins


A boss who threatened to lay off his employees if Democrats take the White House in a recent letter has now apparently fired one worker for speaking up about it. Stan Smith, an employee at the military and aerospace contractor Daniels Manufacturing Corporation, told local news he thought the letter was “unfair” because employees should make their own political decisions. Smith was fired this week. Company president George Daniels, who reportedly donated $614,000 to President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, had said he might lay off all his employees should Joe Biden win the November election. Earlier this month, he had included a note with employees’ pay stubs that read, “If Trump and the Republicans win the election, DMC will hopefully be able to continue operating, more or less as it has been operating lately. However, if Biden and the Democrats win, DMC could be forced to begin permanent layoffs beginning in late 2020 and/or early 2021.” Smith has retained an attorney and told local station WESH that he is preparing a lawsuit against his former employer.

Again another illegal voter intimidation attempt.   Why is it Republicans and their supporters feel they can not win on their message and feel they have a right to threaten others to vote as they demand.   Great party of law and order.   Hugs

5 thoughts on “Florida Man Fired After Speaking Up About Boss Threatening Layoffs if Biden Wins

  • I don’t get the rationale. I mean, is it that Trump had better win, or do they think Dems will stop funding all the crap that’s needed in his line of work. If it’s military contracting we’re talking about he’s got it made no matter who’s in office because both sides don’t wanna look like they’re “not supporting the troops”.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. The reason is greed and regulations. Remember the former Papa John’s owner who claimed if he was required to provide health care he would fire half his workers and lower all wages to the lowest he legally could? These people do not want to give up a cent for any reason. Biden wont give the huge tax cuts to businesses that Republicans even now demand. Biden wont cut regulation on worker safety or the environment, in fact he will enact stricter ones. Biden is for raising the minimum wage which drives some of these business people crazy, not because they can not afford to pay their employees more but because they don’t want to.

      Also they are trying to increase the margin of the tRump vote so it will not look so bad if Biden wins, and could be contested. All of it is anti-democracy, anti-equality, anti-workers, and authoritarian desire for a two class society. The haves who rule, and the have nots that toil and struggle while serving the upper class. Hugs

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      • I don’t know why the plebs are all okay with cutting back regulations. Guess they think that saves money for their employers and means more hours for them.

        I would hate to do the I told you so thing, but if one of those regulations got cut and ended up injuring someone or made them lose their job, and they wanted to sue or something, I’d love for a lawyer or something to tell them “hey, you wanted less regulations. What did you think was gonna happen?”

        Regulations are necessary because when money’s on the line, you really can’t depend on companies to do the right thing… at least, not all the time. The excessive amount of red tape is something I can see as being annoying, going from this to this to this to get something done. The trouble with regulations is they actually need to be universally enforced for that company or industry, not lax this year and constant that year. Keeping consistency helps it work. I hate when people spout about de-regulation. First thing that pops into my head is “Enron” and “California.” I NEVER want to see that crap happen again.

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      • Reminds me of the image that stuck with me most from Mary Trump’s book, that after climbing the ladder of success they pulled the damned thing up after them and said to fend for yourselves (Dump’s mom, if I recall). And it frustrates me because of what Beau always says: don’t punch down. We never seem to see or learn about the class warfare behind the scenes every day.

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        • From a newsletter I get from The Guardian …

          ‘If he wins, democracy is over’: From Bob Woodward to Mary Trump, authors of recent exposés on the president discuss his administration, and the future of the US under a second term of Trump.

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