4 thoughts on “Ron just made a grand meal for me. Hugs

    • Hello Nan. I was a grand amount I could barely finish, then I got really sleepy and slept for 10 hours. I don’t normally eat a lot, but this was the only meal I had that day. The dark stuff in the bowl are sautéed mushrooms. Ron makes his own seasoning sauce for them and I love them. For eating with meat we cook them, but for other things we don’t cook them. He doesn’t care much for mushrooms, but I can eat them with / on almost everything. I love them on salads also. Hugs


    • Hello Randy. 😀😃😄😏 You clown, you know I will eat small amounts of only four vegetables. Even though vegetables are toxic and need to be followed with dessert to keep from getting sick. My vegetables are lettuce, corn, green beans, and rarely broccoli in a cheese sauce. I love mushrooms if they count as a vegetable. This is why after eating I get so sleepy, it is the toxic vegetables. 😉😃 Hugs


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