9 thoughts on “This is the closing argument by Trump/Pence: we don’t care and never did.

    • Hello Tangie. Welcome to my Toy Box, and I hope you find many things here to enjoy. Yes it is a very disheartening for all of us. You be safe as well. Best wishes. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. Frustrating and discussing isn’t it. Right wing media has convinced stupid people that this is all a political ploy by tRump’s enemies and will simply disappear if he loses and Biden wins. What a shock for them when Biden wins and the virus is still causing havoc. But will they admit they were wrong, never. Hugs

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      • It’s just like anything else, Scottie … until it affects the person, it’s all “out there” and someone else’s problem. As we’ve discussed before, the mentality of Trump is regularly exhibited in his followers.

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            • Hello Nan. Me also, me also. What really grinds my gears is the knowledge that even if he is resoundingly defeated he wont admit it, and he wont go away. He will use right wing media in all its forms to bleat his anger, his ideas, his victimhood of having the election stolen from him, and to try to keep the Republican party under his control by controlling its base. Limbaugh did that , he gained a lot of power in the Republican party for long time by controlling the base. The base has been conditioned to be a cult. They are now the cult of tRump so I think even with trump out of office they will follow him and what he says they should do. This will go on for years. Hugs

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