6 thoughts on “tRump knees knock when he faces little old Leslie Stahl

  • Sidenote to Scottie — I’m logged in. I was able to post a comment on one of your other posts earlier today. I’ve been able to “like” other posts of yours today. But when I tried to “like” this one? I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

    Consider it “liked,” please.

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      • I tried something this AM … I commented on the very first post of yours that I read (which meant I had to login). And now my “likes” are accepted on your other posts.

        HOWEVER … I can login on other blogs in the comment section, but if I don’t actually leave a comment, my “likes” aren’t accepted.


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        • Hello Nan. I will add this to what I write up to send to support. If you could put all these different parts together I will rewrite what I sent them and try again. Hugs


          • Scottie, I truly appreciate your efforts, but no. I’m not going to go into anymore. It’s maddening as hell, that’s for sure, but having to “explain” what’s happening to the WP people is an exercise in frustration. You’ve done enough. I’ll work around it. Thanks again. 💖

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