2 thoughts on “You DON’T know there is a god: Point 2 – Misdefining Atheism

  • I notice the video is shown as being 30+ minutes long … about the amount of time that most pastors/preachers need to convince their devoted followers that they’re right (about whatever they’re teaching). In this case, persuading them that god exists but atheists don’t.

    (I didn’t watch the entire video … just enough to gag and cough at the usual prattle.)

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    • Hello Nan. I am watching the first one again, because he has a point I want to post if I can capture the video OK. I was going to post the first and third in this series, but if it can not hold the viewers attention then it is not worth doing.

      I really enjoy Aron Ra’s videos because they are no bullshit science. Some thing I wish I had more exposure to. Hugs


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