Fox Guest: Masks Are Slowing Down Herd Immunity

Fox Guest: Masks Are Slowing Down Herd Immunity

“In fact, lockdowns and mandatory mask mandates are probably slowing the onset of herd immunity. We want people who are generally healthy to actually contract COVID if they do naturally. If you’re under the age of 50, you have got a 99.95 chance of survival.

“You need herd immunity to develop and that’s going to be between about 50-66 percent. Young healthy individuals get COVID, they get sick, they move on with their lives. For the vast, vast majority.

“Look at President Trump, he is 70 plus, he got COVID, he did beautifully. I think we’ve, we need to talk about fundamental issues, vitamin D, zinc.

“If you’re sick, quarantine. If you’re fragile, you’re vulnerable, again, stay safe, quarantine. But the rest of us have to get this society moving. This is a cruel experiment.” – Dr. Ramin Oskoui, speaking last night on Laura Ingraham’s show.

There is video at the link above.   The fact is scientists are not sure herd immunity is even possible with this virus.   They do know it would spike the death rate possibly into the millions.   How many of our population is expendable for someone else’s profits?  Are you?  Is your family?  Your children or grand children?   Why is it that these people can not see that the great USA is saying it can not do what most other countries on the planet managed to do?  When the presidents chief of staff Mark Meadows said that they wouldn’t try to control the spread of Covid he was asked why.   He replied that it was contagious, it was a virus.   Yet again other countries did control it, and even some states in the US are containing it.  I am tired of being thought of a work animal only here for someone else profit.   Also who is going to pay the large medical bills for those who get sick.    I know I was not born a wealthy entitled brat like Jared Kushner and tRump and his family, but I have as much right to life at they do.  Or damn well should.   Hugs

15 thoughts on “Fox Guest: Masks Are Slowing Down Herd Immunity

  • I would love to ask them about how well herd immunity works with the flu. We have no vaccine for the flu, we have no cure for the flu. And yet, when someone hears someone has the flu, they don’t say “well, come to the office anyway.” or “come to the school so we can all get immune.” Hells no, they tell you to keep that crap at home and don’t come back til you’re no longer contagious.

    Seriously, are there any scientists being asked about herd immunity and the flu? Maybe that would get some gears turning, because we’re NOT immune to the flu, and we’ve had it forever, multiple times a year. So, how the hell does that really work. I want to hear them answer the question. I’m gonna go dig that up now (grumble, grumble…)

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    • Right, herd immunity only works with a virus that is one and done like the chicken pox. If you can repeatedly get it there is no such thing as herd immunity. Now, it is possible to build up a sort of tolerance for it. For example, while the flu is still deadly in some instances, for the most part people have built up antibodies to attack it. So this might work that way, but no one really knows at this point and, if I understand correctly, is mutating so quickly we might not every really.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. The people in the know about Covid don’t think herd immunity is possible with it, instead we will have ongoing cycles of waves of sickness and deaths. They don’t think the immunities and antibodies last very long. tRump tells his followers he is both cured and immune and the medical people who study this virus say it is not true. So SPTV and people like this saying we need to get the economy going are excepting the large number of deaths in exchange for money and services. But I notice that these same people pushing for other people to return to pre Covid activities are never the ones doing those activities and putting themselves at risk. These people demand school open back up for in person in the class room instruction, but their kids are not going to be in those classrooms being at risk. I am so tired of this two tier class system and the upper class feeling the lower class should sacrifice themselves for the upper class. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. Yes. State Propaganda TV and the wealthy love the for profit healthcare system we have because they wont suffer from it. Just as tRump had top of the line care so to do the wealthy. The costs of some of these treatments and hospital stays are astronomical and totally out of the ability for normal people to pay. Even the well off but not wealthy would struggle to afford it, and if you can not pay you don’t get the good treatments / drugs. To get the top line drugs you have to have a means to pay for them or the hospitals are not going to give them to you as they would be on the hook for the cost.

      As an ICU worker we got most of our medications in a tube system like banks use. Except we had some medications I would have to go get personally. They were very small vials. A couple was Procrit & Epogen and they cost $5,000 a dose, and a couple others was factor 5 & factor 10 which cost $10,000 a dose and up. Medications that cost those prices would need two doctors to sign off on. You and I wont be getting those medications. Hugs

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  • Scottie, my current post laments about what a real leader would have said in January. It is called “In a land not so far away, in a time not so long ago.” Sadly, the misinformation continues as cases climb all over the country and deaths continue. People are dying Mr. president. That should matter. It would be nice if Fox woke up and called what conservative David Brooks called the Trump White House – “equal parts chaos and incompetence.” He also added later, “Trump does not have a sense of empathy or decency.” Keith

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  • Hi Scottie;
    Deep inside me there lives this urge to say “I don’t care. Let’s let the damn thing run. What’s the worst that could happen? We lose a few Republicans?” Then I have to recall that no, I also risk losing my parents, my aunts and uncles, great friends and even maybe my brother. Maybe those who voice support don’t mind that we risk so much with such a horrible course, maybe they will be able to hibernate and not be at risk, maybe they have better health care. Or maybe they are just stupid.
    Please stay well.


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    • But that’s what makes you different from them. They don’t think about what will happen to other people if they get it, just want to “own the libs”.
      Seriously, what is the deal with that? Why is that the “end all, be all” goal for some folks? I don’t get it, and never have. You’re willing to shoot yourself in the foot in the hopes that some of the blood spatters on the neighbor you hate and freaks them out? Oohhkay…
      Clearly there are some priorities all messed up here…

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      • Hello Chatty Introvert. These tRump supporters love that tRump can be socially incorrect, rude, angry, overbearing, and crass and get away with it. They love his ability to insult and talk over reporters and others who question him with no one being able to stop him or stand up to him. They love that because they want to be able to do it. They want to be able to spout off at work and get away with it, without being told they are wrong or getting fired. They want to be able to cut family members off and talk over them at dinners without anyone getting mad and making them leave. They want to be invited to all the parties and events even though they are rude and crass because they are so important people have to invite them and cater to them. This is why they think tRump is the alpha and why they think it is owning the libs. They blame the libs for not letting them be assholes and getting away with it, but tRump gets to be an asshole to everyone and gets away with it. To them that is godly. Hugs

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    • Hello Randy. Brother I agree with you. These assholes pushing for everyone to return to the way things were before Covid are not the ones doing the jobs, serving the public, mixing with people who have the Covid virus. These people pushing the opening of in person classroom schooling, so that parents can be freed up to go back to work, wont be putting their kids in these over crowed classrooms. So these families exposed by the workers and the kids in school bringing the virus home wont be the wealthy pushing for everyone else to return to pre-Covid normal activities. Plus these wealthy people don’t have to worry about losing everything they have because of a high cost hospital stay should they become ill with the virus.

      They, the upper class, want the workers / lower incomes / poor to take the risk and suffer the consequences to earn the wealthy money while keeping the stock market doing well. All with out the real benefits for doing so. Hugs

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