It didn’t have to be this way

2 thoughts on “It didn’t have to be this way

  • Just glanced at Mark Meadows tweets and he lists the states DT has visited within the last 72 hours (7, with repeats to 2 of them) — and points out that he’ll be visiting 4 more TODAY!

    No doubt this was to exclaim Trump’s superior abilities … but doesn’t it make one wonder how a man his age has THIS must energy? Could it be AT ALL possible that perhaps he’s “on something”???

    Another thing … it just seems “off” to me that a man who’s supposed to be the Leader of this country is off campaigning instead of, well, leading this country.

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    • Hello Nan. They now have the data and it seems every place tRump has held his rallies has seem a spike in Covid cases and hospitalizations.

      I do think you are correct that he is taking some kind of simulant but I think it wears off quickly as he gets very tired looking and slower of speech at the end of his rallies. He starts off manic. He seems to cycle, which he has done for a while but over days. Now he is cycling daily.

      I don’t think he ever spent much time running the country. He has always handed off the details to others. He simply wants the glory and power of the presidency just as he wants the power and perks of being wealthy without earning them. Hugs

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