2 thoughts on “Jared Kushner implies black people are lazy

  • Scottie, racist tropes are alive and well in the Trump family. It is interesting that Kushner is speaking of people not doing what is necessary to be successful. It is easy. Marry the daughter of a wealthy person. Get employed by said person. When the DNI said you cannot get a security clearance, said person will tell them to let you have one. See it is easy. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Kushner is the son of a really wealthy family who paid millions for him to attend top level schools, and gave him / he inherited hundreds of millions of dollars and a stake in a large wealthy company and then married the daughter of a man who was the son of a wealthy family who paid for him to attend top level schools, and was given / inherited 400+ millions of dollars plus a large wealthy company, who now is telling poor black people they are poor just because they don’t want to work hard enough to be successful. These stupid white entitled assholes do not even realize how racist and dumb they are. Hugs

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