Never forget, Expand and balance all the courts.

8 thoughts on “Never forget, Expand and balance all the courts.

  • This is one of the BIGGEST evils that Republicans have pulled off … and I hope Democrats pay them back royally over the next four years when BIDEN is in control.

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    • Hello Nan. I am not too hopeful that Biden will do anything. He is dragging his feet over the entire court thing, saying he will appoint a bipartisan commission on how to balance the court. Democrats simply do not understand how to use power when they have it, and boy Republicans do understand how to wield power. I normally wouldn’t want Democrats to act like Republicans, but at this point we have a small minority pushing positions on ideas by rigging the system to stay in power even when the majority of the people want something else Also why would any Republican agree to change a court system they have worked for decades to pack with ideologues. I hope Biden is just being careful to avoid losing vote, but I am worried. I think VP Harris will push for changes in the courts or anything a Democratic administration wants and gets passed will die in the courts. Hugs


      • You have a point. However, personally, I think Biden is simply being cautious. Republicans have made a BIG DEAL over the idea that the Democrats are going to stack the courts … and they have used it as a weapon against Biden. I think his response has been very wise in that he’s not giving away anything. Remember, there are some Republicans that are voting for him.

        Further, if the Democrats do end up having the upper hand, I cannot see this issue being left as is. A seven to three majority? No way! They WILL make some kind of adjustments. That’s pretty much guaranteed.

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  • OT — did you read about the sisters at the shopping mall that stabbed the security guard 27 times because he confronted them about not wearing masks? Happened in Chicago.

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    • Hello Nan. I missed a lot of computer time yesterday. I had a dental appointment in the morning to pack antibiotics in a couple spots under my gums. After laying in the dental chair all that time and everything when I got home I was both in a lot of pain and very tired. Ended up spending a lot of time in bed. I already want to go back to bed now and I have only been up for 5 hours. Got really nauseous about 40 minutes ago so I am having a breakfast of a baloney sandwich. Then will lay down for a while. Hugs


      • It never seems to end with you, Scottie. If it’s not one thing, it’s a dozen or so others. Maybe you should reconsider “God” … I bet all those Christians in your neighborhood would be delighted to pray for you! 😈

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        • Hello Nan. Got my blood work back. Not good. Looks like the anemia is back, bones are decaying faster releasing lots of calcium into my blood, and the bone marrow is more compromised. Seems there is signs of heart damage and some liver enzymes are up. But this new lab system is hard to read, and not the formulas Ron and I are versed with and don’t give a history to compare with. I see the doctor next week.

          I think they would need to bring out the big guns to pray for me, I am a problem child, and a thorn in their gods side. I would have better luck getting the Satanic Temple to cook up a few brews for me. 😀😃😉😉 Hugs

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          • I recently had lab work done and I know what you mean about trying to read the results. Before we moved to this area, the lab results I got were “spelled out” … now it’s mostly letters and numbers and I had to go online to see what some of them meant.

            Also, history is VERY important, IMO. I have copies of lab work from years back and can see what has or hasn’t changed. Of course, age plays a role in some changes, but it’s still good to be able to make comparisons.

            I’ve had problems with calcium as well. Not to any major degree, but it is something they’re keeping an eye on. At one time, they were concerned about my parathyroid glands.

            Anyway, I hope your doc visit next week isn’t as bad as you expect.

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