6 thoughts on “I hope not, we must never forget Republicans were complicit

    • PS – my wife and I were talking yesterday about Lindsey Graham, saying if there ever a Senator deserves to lose it is Graham. He rightfully called Trump an “asshole” for how Trump treated him during the campaign, yet now he is Trump’s golfing buddy.

      It led us to Senator Ted Cruz, who is not running and almost lost two years ago. Trump accused Cruz’ father of being part of the assassination plot to kill JFK during the 2016 campaign and had the audacity to call him “Lyin’ Ted.” The most untruthful person called Cruz “Lyin’.” And, now Cruz is Trump’s bosom buddy sycophant.

      Sycophants and hypocrites are two ugly things to watch. The two faced Mayor from “The Nightmare before Christmas” is an apt caricature of these two. As for Trump, using the same movie, he is the Boogie Man, whose body is filled with roaches.


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        • True. Some are far worse than others. I recall Senator John Kyl of Arizona was caught by a reporter in a lie. Kyl said “you mistook what I said as the truth.” In other words, it is your fault I am lying. Keith

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      • Hello Keith. I hope one of the first things a Democratic majority in congress during a Biden administration needs to do is completely overhaul the voting rights act to prevent voter suppression and gerrymandering. If the Dem’s do that the Republican party will be forced to reach out to voters or forever be a minority party out of power, with a shrinking base. Really the country is far more to the left than even the corporate democrats. Look at legalization of recreational weed? Overwhelmingly the population wants it, and in states where it has been on the ballot it has passed. But in Republican run states it is still fought even after it is passed. Biden does not support legalization of weed. In his mind it is a gateway drug and any drugs are bad, because of his son’s addiction. He and all the politicians of his age are stuck in the 1980’s, where drugs of any kind for recreation are bad but alcohol is great. Not seeing alcohol is a drug also. Sorry but it is not a gateway drug and the majority of people in the US have used or are using. But Many corporate politicians want to force the people to do as they desire instead of the politician doing what the people demand. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. I will read it tomorrow. Sorry but I am really fatigued. I have really been struggling with constantly being tired and high pain levels. Not sure what is going on, I am so tired I need to keep going to bed, even when I don’t sleep. My lab reports came back and they are not good and early next week I see my doctor. My reading of my labs looks like my anemia is back again and my bones are decaying faster than before. My calcium is way up and one of the tests shows my bone marrow is more compromised. It looks like my heart has taken some damage and liver enzymes maybe be up, but both could be side effects of the anemia. However this new lab system is really hard to read / understand than the old one. Plus this new one doesn’t give the last lab readings to compare to, so I am not going to worry about anything until the doctor tells me what they really mean. Well I am off to bed. Best wishes. Hugs


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