Judge Blocks MI Ban On Open Carry At Polling Places

Judge Blocks MI Ban On Open Carry At Polling Places

The Associated Press reports:

A judge has blocked a sudden ban on the open display of guns near Michigan polling places on Election Day. Michigan Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray acted Tuesday, just a few hours after hearing a challenge from a trio of gun-rights groups.

They said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, had exceeded her authority in banning people from openly carrying guns within 100 feet of polling places, and that she was forcing people to choose between their right to bear arms and their right to vote.

Can you say voter intimidation?   Can you say this pits your right to life and safety against a Brown Shirt thugs right to brandish a gun to threaten others right to vote.    Hugs

2 thoughts on “Judge Blocks MI Ban On Open Carry At Polling Places

    • Hello Keith. We have a serious problem of mixing guns and emotion in this country. People who do not bother to think of what they are told, what freedom really means, are too frighten by a myth that they need to take a gun to buy groceries or get a sub in a sub shop. How insecure do they need to be? How uninformed? But they have been trained that way, backed up by law enforcement that agrees with them.

      Take the anti-mask people who claim it is against their rights to be required to wear a mask in a store, yet do not see any problem with the same requirement to wear pants, shirt, and shoes. Why? They are all articles of clothing. Yet one has been made a scapegoat and feeds their need for an emotional high. The Dear Leader has spoken to the cult. Hugs

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