New NYT reporting on an important connection

New NYT reporting on an important connection:

For Trump's Chicago skyscraper project, Trump assured Deutsche Bank officials, including Justin Kennedy, the son of the now-retired Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy, that the Chicago development was a guaranteed moneymaker.

Originally tweeted by Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) on October 27, 2020.

2 thoughts on “New NYT reporting on an important connection

  • Sure … it most definitely needs to be thoroughly investigated! But will it ever happen? I wouldn’t hold my breath. How many other shady deals have been brought to light since he’s been in office … and nothing comes of it.

    And even if he doesn’t win reelection, he is one slippery eel when it comes to any of his financial dealings.

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    • Hello Nan. Somewhere I read him referred to as king weasel who perfected the art of weaseling out of legal situation.

      This time we can not have any of that no prosecution and pardons for the good of the country, or as Biden keeps claiming to unite and bring together the country. If the law is to mean anything we must enforce it for everyone, not promote the idea that some people are privileged so are above the laws the rest of us must follow. We must send a signal to all future dictator crime boss want-to-be’s that it won’t be tolerated, or it will happen again by someone much smarter than tRump. I hear Tom Cotton is gearing up for a run in 2024. He is the one that wrote the op ed calling for military troops to be used on peaceful protestors to enforce the governments will and to stop dessent. Hugs


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