5 thoughts on “Olbermann vs. Trump #15: The 50 Worst Trump Atrocities

  • That was a powerful watch and I didn’t even think about some of those reasons given all the stuff he’s done. I liked how righteously angry Olbermann was in his delivery since that was all real while giving those points.

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    • Hello Ospreyshire. I first started watching Olbermann when he was on MSNBC and was giving the Bush administration hell with both barrels, always factual never using made up stuff like Propaganda right wing media. If you like his passion he just started a new series of short tRump attack like that one. It is at the YouTube channel that video came from. Hugs

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  • WOW!!! Extremely powerful!

    But what’s soooo sad (and maddening) about this is the number of people who will deny … deny … deny. It doesn’t matter that the FACTS are true and there are recordings and videos of each and every one of Olbermann’s accusations, the blinds have been pulled, the phone has been disconnected, and the lights have been turned off.

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    • Hello Nan. Very true. I am watching a CNN clip on FaceBook fact checkers. They interviewed tRump people and they simply do not believe, in fact they are adamant, that they are not wrong. They claim the fact checkers are working for Democrats, the deep state, how they are anti-American, and so on. They issue death threats to the fact checkers. Complete denial with excuses of anything that disagrees with their reality. I am angry over that level of stupidity, and I disgusted with that level of lack of education, talk about sheep these people really are sheep following the wolves to dinner. Hugs

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