Tipsy For Trump

Hello Claytoonz. This is so spot on, I love it. Hugs

Kagan is right but Republicans, the Conservative majority, and Donald Trump doesn’t care about “disserving” the electoral process. It’s their very intention.



There is nothing in the Constitution that says every vote must be counted on Election Day. In fact, there’s nothing in the Constitution that says every vote must be delivered by Election Day.

For years, military and mail-in ballots have arrived AFTER Election Day. Now, late ballots are an issue. Now, every vote won’t count. Why? Because once again, the Republicans are trying to steal an election. Again, Republicans are cheating.

Mitch McConnell said new Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett will be a “political asset” during the election. So are the other two Trump appointees. The Supreme Court voted this week to reject ballots if they don’t arrive at a time that’s convenient for Donald Trump.

The vote wasn’t about being late or election security. It wasn’t about democracy. It wasn’t about every vote counting. It was about rejecting votes that will go against Donald Trump.

For months, Donald…

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