Black Widow: The Ultimate Goth Girlfriend

Ark has long been trying to inspire compassion and friendship to spiders.   I have long had a terrorized response to any spider.   Over the last few years of reading Ark’s blog and seeing the many disturbing photos of the many beasts from hell he posts I got a bit braver and more desensitized.    Yesterday a tiny spider, really tiny ran across my monitor.   Rather than giving it a sudden end of existence, I got a sheet of paper towel, the only thing I had handy, and relocated it to a near by window sill.   I had hoped it would take the hint and move on.   

This morning as I sat down at my desk I noticed a larger version of the same spider busy running a web between my two large monitors I placed in a V shape.  While I admired it work ethics and quick performance I couldn’t tolerate this, it took live and let live to a level I am not willing to abide by.   So thinking the same trick with the paper towel would work I took a sheet and held it up to the busy creature.   That is when it showed it’s true colors.   I was trying to help and be tolerant, it was bound to terrorize me.   It got on the sheet of paper towel and raced across it to my hand, I started trying to turn it quick enough to stay away from the demon.   I ended up trying to twirl the sheet while doing a jig across the floor and the determined bitch kept getting closer to my hand.   I ended up doing the manly thing and half way to the window throwing the paper towel sheet as far from me as I could, running from the room and changing all my clothes.   Not kidding, I even inspected and slapped down my sneakers.   Hugs

3 thoughts on “Black Widow: The Ultimate Goth Girlfriend

    • Hello Nan. Not at the time. It seriously dented my manly image. I lost a lot of fearless street cred. Looking back on it … I still think the things are evil geniuses out to enslave and eat all humankind. I have placed a plastic container with a lid on the shelf behind my desk in easy reach. No more paper towel spider removal for me. Hugs

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      • You went further than I would have. That spider would have been history. Try as he will, Ark has NOT been successful in convincing me of their “beauty and worth.”

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