Dark money in politics

The NRA has spent millions on GOP Senate races:

NC: $1.1M
CO: $846K
AZ: $814K
GA: $705K
IA: $530K
TX: $486K
MI: $388K
SC: $355K
MT: $303K
KS: $161K
KY: $53K

No wonder Republicans won’t do anything to stop the gun violence epidemic.

The NRA has also spent over $16 million on the presidential race. No clue where or how they are getting this money. They were recently in the red after abusing their non-profit status and are currently facing a lawsuit that aims to dissolve the org.

Originally tweeted by Adam "Expand the Court" Best (@adamcbest) on October 31, 2020.

7 thoughts on “Dark money in politics

  • Judging from the mail my other-half gets from the NRA and their solicitations for political contributions to “help the cause,” I would say THIS is where they’re getting the money …

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    • Hello Nan. Sadly they have convinced a segment of the population to believe a myth. Or a series of myths regarding gun laws and rights. There has to be a balance or rights and there is not now, it is skewed in favor of intimidation and violence.

      The big problem is money in politics. We have to find a way to remove these large sums of dark money or the will of the people will never happen, it will only be the will of the wealthiest. Hugs

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    • Hello Ali. That is for sure. Can you imagine how grand things could be if we could take the money out of politics and used it to help people? Have you checked out Wolf Pac? Hugs

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      • I’ve seen that; I hope they get farther along than Russ Feingold did when he was in the Senate, and had an entire plan to make campaigns and elections shorter, easier (for voters to understand and decide,) and less expensive.

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  • Just the other day, these guys were going on about how, if Biden wins, “our” guns will be taken away from us. I was like, “I have heard this shit from the NRA since GORE was running for president! Get real already!” The NRA runs these ads on the hunting channels ad nauseum. Every. Single. Election.

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    • Hello Polly. Yes it is like Brian Brown and Tony Perkins, they use every scrap of news dealing with the LGBTQ+ to beg for donations. They are grifters, using religion and hate to get money. Hugs

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