GOP Legal Army Gears Up For Post-Election Lawsuits

GOP Legal Army Gears Up For Post-Election Lawsuits

Axios reports:

Republican Party officials say they’re already looking to Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Nevada as likely battlegrounds for post-election lawsuits if the results are close.

The big picture: As pre-election lawsuits draw to a close, and with President Trump running behind Joe Biden in national and many battleground state polls, Republicans are turning their attention to preparations for Election Day and beyond, and potential recounts.

They have 50,000 volunteers, attorneys and staff working election day operations, with an emphasis in presidential battleground states.

Read the full article.

3 thoughts on “GOP Legal Army Gears Up For Post-Election Lawsuits

    • Hello Notes To Ponder. I agree. And he will blame everyone else. It will be interesting to see how many department heads such as Bill Barr of the DOJ and the Republicans in the legislature will stand behind tRump and help him? I think it will depend on how large his loss is. Hug

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      • Hoping Republicans wake up to the reality supporting Trump amounts to political suicide. But hey, who knows? Nothing surprises me anymore. I gave him a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning in 2016, he could very well slink back on Tuesday. He’s certainly motivated to stop at nothing, after all, once he becomes former president Trump he’s fair game for criminal charges on a grocery list of criminal charges. Sigh.

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