2 thoughts on “Turning the clocks back

  • Scottie, I was once married to a man named Scotty (really) back in the 1980’s. Our marriage was fueled by cocaine & didn’t last into the 1990’s but we remain friends to this day. Anyway, Scotty now collects clocks. He must have around 75-80 clocks, some of them antiques, in his downstairs apartment (not a large place). He has them set so they start chiming three minutes before the hour & when one stops, another starts, & it all ends about six minutes after the hour. He’s totally whacked. LOL

    Anyway, it takes him two days to change all his clocks when the time changes in the spring & the fall. I forgot to mention that he’s completely & totally anal, OCD to the max, so each clock has to be “calibrated” to the second. So this is a major undertaking! Don’t call Scotty during these few days, he won’t answer the phone!

    I love him but there’s no living with this kind of insanity!!

    He’s also a cat dude!

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