WH Doc: “All Lockdowns Do Are Really Kill People

WH Doc: “All Lockdowns Do Are Really Kill People”

“I think at some point, the policymakers have to realize the massive — really — failure of our public health officials. Lockdowns do not eliminate the virus.

“All lockdowns do are destroy families, really kill people, miss medical care that’s very serious, destroy the children, and then, after you open up the lockdown, the virus is still there — and we see it in Europe.

“And it’s amazing to me that places, unfortunately, like the U.K. and France have not learned their lesson. Hopefully, the American people understand how to use their vote to stop that kind of thing from happening here.

“Lockdowns really destroy people, particularly the working-class families.” – White House advisor Dr. Scott Atlas, speaking last night on Laura Ingraham’s show.



Please understand what is really being said here.   They want to discredit the notion that the virus can be contained or controlled.   Despite the rest of the world doing so.   They want to promote the go back to precovid at any cost so our money will flow.  Notice these are wealthy people looking out for their own self interests, not yours.   Hugs

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