WTF? Have we really stopped to be a democracy backed up by police thugs?

Voters marching to the polls in Alamance County today were turned back after sheriff's deputies pepper-sprayed them

Alamance is one of the key counties that will likely decide which party controls the state legislature next year #ncpol #ncga

Some background: Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson was reprimanded by the U.S. DOJ in 2012 for numerous constitutional violations + an "egregious pattern of racial profiling." He was then re-elected twice, in 2014 and 2018, after no one ran against him

However, later on in 2016, the DOJ and Alamance County reached a settlement over this issue. The DOJ dropped legal action in exchange for the sheriff agreeing for his deputies to undergo bias training and more

More info on exactly what was happening before the pepper pray started today in Alamance. Plus, confirmation that a reporter was among those arrested #ncpol

Originally tweeted by Will Doran (@will_doran) on October 31, 2020.

Police use pepper-spray on protesters — including children — marching to Alamance polls


Alamance County sheriff’s deputies and Graham police pepper-sprayed people — including a 5-year-old girl and other children — who were participating in the “I Am Change” march to the polls on Saturday afternoon.

A racially diverse group of about 200 people walked with a police escort from Wayman’s Chapel AME Church to Court Square, where they held a rally encouraging people to vote. The event was organized by Rev. Greg Drumwright, a Burlington native who leads the the Citadel Church in Greensboro, according to his website.

At least three politicians participated in some parts of the event: the current mayor of Burlington, Ian Baltutis; Democratic candidate for county commissioner Dreama Caldwell; and Democratic school board candidate Seneca Rodgers.

At one point, the marchers held a moment of silence in the street in honor of George Floyd, the Black man killed while in police custody in Minneapolis earlier this summer. After the moment of silence concluded, law enforcement told people to clear the road.

Then, deputies and police officers used pepper spray on the crowd and began arresting people. Several children in the crowd were affected by the pepper spray.

Melanie Mitchell said her 5-year-old and 11-year-old daughters were pepper-sprayed just after the moment of silence. She said Graham police approached the crowd assembled in the street and told them to move onto the sidewalk and soon began spraying pepper spray toward the ground. Mitchell’s 5-year-old took off running, she said. Both kids threw up.

“My 11-year-old was terrified,” Mitchell said. “She doesn’t want to come down to Graham anymore.”

The crowd then moved to the courthouse where speeches were being given. But before the speeches concluded, Alamance County sheriff’s deputies began dismantling the sound system and telling the crowd to disperse.

George Floyd’s niece was slated to speak at the event, but the speeches were disrupted before she got a chance at the microphone.

Deputies and officers again used pepper spray to force people off the courthouse property.

Veronica Holman said her 3-year-old great-nephew also threw up after being pepper-sprayed. They had been sitting on a brick wall across the street from the courthouse, she said. “They didn’t warn us or anything,” she said. “We were just sitting on the wall.”

At least 12 people were arrested. About 20 police officers and sheriff’s deputies stood guard outside the county jail following the arrests; about 100 marchers gathered on a grass strip outside, with officers stationed on both sides of the crowd.

Caldwell told a News & Observer reporter that her campaign manager was arrested.

Tom Boney Jr., the publisher of the Alamance News newspaper, said that one of his reporters, Tomas Murawski, also was arrested during the protest.

Boney, who was at the protest, said Murawksi was taking photos on the street when he was arrested.

“When I spoke to him on the street, while he was in police custody, he said they ordered them to move out of the road way,” Boney said in an interview with the N&O. “He was doing so, while still taking photos, but apparently not fast enough for (the police).”

The protests did not appear to disrupt the last day of early voting in the city, according to the State Board of Elections. “We’re still gathering information but it appears that voting has continued and hasn’t been interrupted,” Patrick Gannon, spokesman for the State Board of Elections, told The News & Observer.

But many who were marching may not have reached the polls.

Faith Cook was one of the few marchers to make it to the polling place on Elm Street.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that,” Cook told The News & Observer. “Nobody should have to.

“I think it was their intention, from the moment this march was announced, that we don’t get to the polls in numbers.”

Quencelyn Ellison, president of Alamance Alliance 4 Justice who helped organize the march, questioned why the marchers were met with pepper spay.

“Why were we tear-gassed on the day we were going to the polls? Voter intimidation?” Ellison said. “We’ve been out here doing this for several weeks, and we were peaceful. How do we get treated with such great threat?”

The “I Am Change” march was billed in part as a get-out-the-vote initiative as well as a demonstration against police violence.

“This is a non-partisan march,” Drumwright said earlier this week, according to the Burlington Times-News. “This march is encouraging people to go to the polls and vote for change.”

Alamance and other counties in the Triad region include several key districts that Democrats are trying to flip, in hopes of ending Republicans’ control of the state legislature. Some of the biggest political fundraising in all of North Carolina has occurred in Alamance, a News & Observer analysis found earlier this year.

In the US today the worst crime is not genuflecting or giving sufficient obedience to the police.   They must never be disrespected nor disobeyed.    They are an occupying force in the US over the population.  It seems these people had permission and were escorted by local police, then these Sheriff deputies moved in and started pepper spraying them.   This is the US under tRump.    Hugs

13 thoughts on “WTF? Have we really stopped to be a democracy backed up by police thugs?

    • Hello Nan. It has to end. These cops stopping these people from voting and gathering at the courthouse are thugs interfering with the right to vote, the right to assemble and our democracy our self. I keep calling them an occupying army because they are just that, they are backed up by the authority of the state. We are already dangerously close to being a fascist country on the verge of dictatorship. I am really worried about the mindset of these anti-democracy people. I posted a video this morning that shows how far into thug rule we have come. Hugs

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      • Hi, Scottie – I haven’t noticed much pto-tRump activity, but there’s an interesting article in today’s paper about the ever-elusive “shy tRump voter.” One woman they interviewed even said that being for tRump while owning her own business in this area was tough. “If my customers knew, I’d be outta business in no time.” And a lot of the people they interviewed said that although they were disgusted by his actions in his personal life, it was important to them that he had the Economy “roaring,” he’s (supposedly) pro-life, and is determined to stack the courts with anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ, ultra-conservative judges, and “he got tough on China, and brought peace to the Middle East.
        All of which you and I are NOT in favor of, but even my landlady, who is fairly intelligent, is part of the cult. But all she watches is Faux Newz, and she knows I’m a Librul Dimocrap, so we never talk politics, except to ask, “You vote yet?”
        I plan on voting in person today, as my mail-in ballot never arrived, nor did its replacement I requested 2 weeks ago.

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        • Hello Dennis. Please be safe. Every since you sent us that email on your condition Ron and I worry about you.

          It is sad to see so many of our population so misinformed. I wonder if there is a way to reform State Propaganda TV After tRump is gone? I think the only way to do so is to make it unprofitable for them to spout such lies, which means better public education and a lot more left leaning news sites. It is a total myth that the media is left wing, study after study shows it is a right leaning or even far right media.

          Send me an occasional email on how you are doing. Ron and I care. Hugs

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  • I hate “liking” this. But, it needs attention. We watched 2 different network news broadcasts at 5:30 and 6:00 (cdt) that covered neither this, nor the armed Trumpeter “escort” of the Biden campaign bus between the two cities in TX. Sheesh.

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    • Hello Ali. There is a real problem with the media today. The control of the media is really concentrated with a few wealthy people. Look at the Sinclair Broadcast Group. He is a rabid tRump supporter and owns TV and radio stations all over the country. In some areas he owns or controls all the media and he outright lies, forcing his people to repeat lies and stump for tRump. We really need a return to the fairness doctrine that Reagan got rid of. That is one reason I love the internet, I can access a lot of news from different sources. Hugs

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  • What a disgusting episode. It’s wrong that anyone can bar a peaceful walk to the polls. In fact I’d say it’s probable illegal to prevent someone from voting unless they present a danger. The sheriff wants removing as do all the officers who discharged teargas and who presented a barrier to the onward movement of the voters to be. I’m sure all those arrested have a case and I hope the children are compensated.. The sheriff may be popular and the people’s choice but that doesn’t mean he can take the law into his own hands,


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    • Hello David. The Sheriffs deputies were acting as a gang, an occupying force. What they did was illegal, but when law enforcement breaks the laws, what can be done? Some law enforcement in the country have decided they are the power, they are the ones making the laws, they are above laws they don’t like. They feel they are judge and jury able to dish out punishment as they choose. It is gotten really scary here. Hugs

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