5 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Stop tRump the want-to-be dictator

    • Hello Nan. It is stunning to see the change from Obama to tRump. How the US was respected and now we are not. Yet as I watched this morning maga’s can not deal with reality, nor acknowledge truth. In the three videos the maga’s kept claiming tRump had done so much, they loved all he managed to do. Yet not one gave an example of what he has done. Hugs

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      • I have read a couple of articles that outlined some of the actual things he has done … and from a Republican POV, I can see why they like him. Of course, as you know from a Democratic POV, some of them were HORRIBLE!

        Thing is … if he had just, as they say, rested on his laurels, he would have been like any other president — some would have supported his actions, others would not have.

        But nooooo. He had to “paper the walls” with his “great” accomplishments, along with his never-ending childish and boorish slams against people who disagreed with him.

        In other words, it’s as much the MAN we intensely dislike as it is his political decisions.

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