Graham: There’s A Place For Women In America If They “Embrace Religion, Follow Traditional Family Structure”

Graham: There’s A Place For Women In America If They “Embrace Religion, Follow Traditional Family Structure”

“You know what I like about Judge Barrett? She’s got everything. She’s just not wicked smart, she’s incredibly good. She embraces her faith. I want every young woman to know that that there’s a place for you in America if you’re pro-life, if you embrace your religion and you follow traditional family structure, that you can go anywhere, young lady.” – Sen. Lindsey Graham, speaking to supporters in South Carolina.


14 thoughts on “Graham: There’s A Place For Women In America If They “Embrace Religion, Follow Traditional Family Structure”

  • And, if you don’t? What is suggesting happens. Women have a right to be exactly as Graham said or they have a right to do the exact opposite or somewhere inbetween. Just as there is a place for an untruthful and sycophant Lindsey Graham and a truthful upstanding one. It is up to him to decide.

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    • Hello Keith. What terrifies me is the tRump coalition that is becoming clear is evangelical Christians and the tRump political desire / needs. Rapture believer Pompeo has been given carte blanche to enforce his religious views not only on the State Department but world wide.

      Keith you have read the same news reports I have over this administration’s approach to how LGBTQ+ and female rights are handled over seas. Doesn’t it scare you also? Does not that show what they want to do here now that they have packed the courts to let them? Hugs


  • Scottie, the leadership of the Trump Party will do anything to appease the base, so that they can go on representing the interests of the wealthy and fossil fuel companies. So, yes it does worry me what this corrupt person would do if given four more years. Keith

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. The Republican party has always been regressive in my lifetime. I do not understand how anyone can think that the knowledge and understanding of people 2000 years ago is superior to our knowledge and understanding today. Religions don’t grow, don’t incorporate reality and known facts.

      Graham’s statements are dog whistles, and not subtle ones. It is simply pandering, and bigotry. An attempt to move the country back to the 1950’s, where white males were in charge, females were subservient, POC knew their place, and LGBTQ+ remained firmly hidden. This is the comfort zone of these people. The Falwell’s sexual hijinks would never have seen news media in those days, it would have been unseemly to publish their hypocrisy.

      I just can not understand why any female or POC / any minority would vote Republican. Why willingly degrade yourself? I have never understood women who stay in religions that debase them and make them second class citizens. No way I would accept it, being told to obey and be less than a man. Do these women have no self respect? Be safe friend, it is getting rough out there. Hugs

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      • They’ve been indoctrinated from childhood to believe that that’s what the Bible says about them and the way it’s supposed to be (and then they keep hearing the whole “husbands, love your wives…” line as if that’s to make the stories of pimping sisters, handmaidens, war captives, rape, and no accountability for men’s sexual acts no big deal. But if you read into that, a man who doesn’t physically “love” his wife in the old testament basically abandoned her after a time and she could leave, but would have nowhere to go as she was a tainted woman because she was “known”. And then you have Paul (who despised women) saying the attention and devotion is reciprocal if you read farther. For some reason, women will quote those four words, but don’t know the rest of what’s being talked about.

        That’s why I grew to despise church, they don’t even read full verses for context! And the cherry-picking always annoyed me. I find it funny when a christian huffs and goes “well, you’d believe in God if you read the Bible.” They never seem to realize that most of these atheists HAVE and that’s why they BECAME atheists in the first place (or at least started to question and go further from the Church)

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        • Not to “pimp” my book, but your comments about cherry-picking is a big part of what I wrote about. Most believers use the same old phrases and scripture quotes simply because that’s what is repeated again and again from the pulpit. MANY would be surprised to discover that what they’ve been taught in church school is highly selective.

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          • That’s why I’d love to play a joke and show someone the cliffs notes version of the bible… The Brick Bible.
            I think it’s hilarious it’s actually sold in the Christian books section next to the real bibles, because most folks don’t realize it was put together by an atheist. I’m gonna die laughing if I read the whole thing (and yes, I got the whole set).

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. I am so glad you have found your way out of the religion. But if you don’t mind one more question on this subject. There are people with advanced degrees and who clearly have reasoning ability which are deeply into their religions. Really smart people. Amy Barrett is smart. I disagree with her position on everything but she is smart. So how does she buy this cult crap, this religious idea she is not worth as much as a man, she is not as worthy as a man? How does she square her knowledge of history, of science we know as fact, and the incorrect tales in her book of myths? Plus if she reads her bible she should know that her god had nothing against abortion, gave a formula for it, and it is in her book of myths that a newborn baby becomes a person when it takes a breath, or in another place a girl becomes a person after three months being born. She has advanced degrees and even I know these things. Hugs


          • I’m not Chatty, but would like to add my two cents — there’s a difference between being “really smart” and having, as they say, horse sense. Advanced degrees mean the brain was directed into certain areas of knowledge, but when it comes to simply interpreting life and its innumerable facets, that’s an entirely different ballgame. Further, religion is more about emotion than it is about intelligence.

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          • I think it’s a measure of upbringing and culture, too. I mean, how many times has a parent or adult gotten something wrong, but the child’s been told that it’s impolite to correct someone older than you, that you shouldn’t be a know-it-all (especially if you’re a girl)? I’ve seen that a few times and even today I mentally bow down to seniority because I remember that.

            But that also pre-supposes that she actually read the bible. If she just listened to the cherry-picked sermons and whatnot, then she can spin and rationalize it any way she wants because it’s all hearsay. And when it comes to those deeper questions, it reminds me of something that stuck with me that Paul Haggis said about Scientology and why even when he really started questioning it, he stayed for so long (and why so many others stick with it even today). He said something like “why didn’t I think about it more or see it sooner? It’s so much easier when others do your thinking for you.”

            In this case, I think it’s culture and peer pressure from a young age, to be like everyone else and believe like everyone else. If she was raised religious and took is seriously, she could set aside all the reservations and think “well, I will keep believing this, but I’ll answer the test questions like this.” (works a lot for evolution deniers if they’re not up for fighting it). I still have some religious stuff flying around in my head, and it pisses me off (those bloody Chick Tracts I wish I’d never read, for one thing, and all the scary “lessons” I learned from them). I don’t think there’s a god wagging its finger at me ready to condemn me to hell, but I do think of the awful morals I picked up on, where everything was the woman’s fault. Get enough stories pounded into your head and it takes a while to sort it out, and that’s if you’re actively trying. If you’ve been taught never to question your culture, how do you know what is wrong or right?

            It’s pretty sad how it’s mostly the abortion issue folks are voting on in the Dump camp, and why they support him, just because he’s batting for the team that in recent history has gone all in for anti-abortion stances. I wonder, if abortion wasn’t an issue, how many would still vote for Dump? Hmm…

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            • Hello Chatty Introvert. Too many people are taught to never question that their country is the best, #1 in all things, and that patriotism is never admitting your country made a mistake. It is one reason we are in the situation we are in. 40% of the people simply won’t think twice on stuff and only run on feelings.

              As for the single issue abortion voters, I read yesterday that one of the whack job Christian preachers gave a sermon about how the bible was against adultry so Pete Buttigeig couldn’t be president because all homosex was sinful adultery, but in the same sermon he was preaching for everyone to vote for tRump. He went on praising tRump a person who repeatedly committed adultery. They do not see the hypocrisy and the irony. Hugs

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              • And what’s mind-boggling is the people hearing these things sit and nod their heads and shout “AMEN” without even realizing the contradictions. So long as it’s from “the pulpit,” it’s gotta’ be from “God.”

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