Lewandowski: No Need To Count After Election Night

They really are trying to steal the election.   They have tried so hard to convince their supporters that only the reports on election night matter, when it never has been that way.   Always we have counted every vote, but tRump is so sure he will be ahead on election night he wants counting stopped.  Think on this, a US president doesn’t want all the votes counted because he is sure he will lose.   Hugs

Lewandowski: No Need To Count After Election Night

“What the president’s real concern is and the Supreme Court has made some rulings on this, is trying to get as many votes in by Election Day as possible. We know that people can vote, we know how to count quickly, so let’s get it done. I think this election is going to be won on election night with Donald Trump carrying in Florida and North Carolina and Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and if that’s the case, there will be no need to continue to count because it will be a resounding victory.” – Corey Lewandowski, speaking today on Fox News.



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