MN GOP: Counting Every Ballot “Dilutes” Our Vote

Republicans know they are a minority in the country, they know they are unpopular with the majority, their ideas are not shared with most of the population.   So they attempt to stop the people from voting.  They do not want democracy, they want to rule.   Hugs

MN GOP: Counting Every Ballot “Dilutes” Our Vote

The Washington Post reports:

Under a federal appeals court panel decision issued Thursday evening, Minnesotans must return mail-in ballots by Tuesday to ensure they are counted, upending plans the state had advertised to keep counting absentee ballots postmarked by Election Day for another week.

The case was brought by Republican state Rep. Eric Lucero [photo] and Minnesota GOP activist James Carson. In oral arguments Tuesday, their attorney, Andrew Grossman, argued Minnesota was courting “chaos” by planning to continue counting votes until Nov. 10.

Lucero and Carson would be injured, Grossman argued, because accepting every ballot “dilutes their votes as a matter of pure arithmetic: When the vote pool goes up, the weight of their individual votes goes down.”

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