The Villages Sees COVID Outbreak After Trump Rally

The Villages Sees COVID Outbreak After Trump Rally

The Villages News reports:

The Villages saw a significant jump in COVID-19 patients on Friday as Florida surpassed 800,000 cases of the potentially deadly virus. Thirty-nine new COVID-19 cases were reported Friday in and around Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

The Villages continues to lead Sumter County with 778 cases – an increase of 20 in a 24-hour period. All told, Florida is reporting 800,216 COVID-19 cases – an increase of 5,592 from Thursday to Friday. Of those, 789,714 are residents.



4 thoughts on “The Villages Sees COVID Outbreak After Trump Rally

  1. TheChattyIntrovert November 1, 2020 / 18:37

    Wow. Don Jr. looks like crap. Granted, I know they pick the worst photos for comparisons, but heavens. He does look like he’s grasping at straws and quite unkempt.

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    • Scottie November 2, 2020 / 05:15

      Hello Chatty Introvert. All the news shows except right wing media and SPTV allege he is strung out on coke. And I do not mean the soft drink. Hugs

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      • TheChattyIntrovert November 2, 2020 / 13:35

        It could go either way. His dad’s been strung out on Diet Coke for years. It’s bound to have some sort of physical manifestation of ick.

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        • Scottie November 3, 2020 / 17:45

          Hello Chatty Introvert. I do not care what mind altering substances people ingest as long as they do not do so impacting others. Donny Jr is wealthy. If he wants to snort coke all day that is his business, but don’t go on a propaganda network and try to preach abstinence to the rest of us. Donnie Jr is clueless about real life for the rest of us non wealthy people. Yet he feels entitled to lecture to all of us on how great his father and his family is. It really pisses me off that they ignore their own privilege, they ignore their own handed too but not earned wealth, to lecture the rest of us as if we somehow failed in life, and failed them. Hugs


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