3 thoughts on “The Atlantic: How Trump Could Attempt a Coup

  • This. Is. Downright. Scary!

    To think that we have a POTUS who would even attempt to carry out these underhanded efforts to sway the election is simply mind-boggling. Who would have ever thought that simply casting a vote would incur potential violence?

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    • I know. Nearly an hour ago I got that feeling like when an elevator abruptly jerks and your stomach hits the floor. I was just sitting here on the couch listening to stuff about the election and it happened. I’m gonna get really crappy sleep tonight, if I get any at all. And tomorrow, I’m going in to vote. Guess I’ll get up extra early so I can take the dogs out and get in that line (if there is one, non-Covid years mean I might be the 5th person at most in line… but a few days ago, folks were in a store without masks, and I can just imagine the same in line without distancing. I’m getting REALLY anxious around folks these days.

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    • Hello Nan. Sadly the truth is we know our POTUS has no care about law, no care about rules, and no cares about normal decency. He has no shame and can not be shamed. We as a country always believed the myth our elected officials believed in our laws and our rights. We have seen signs over the years it was not true, and now we have seen that idea shattered. No one really understood the assault on our democracy that the Republicans have been doing for decades.

      During the Bush 2 administration the most criminal devious rabid right wing people had an idea to totally skew things to the right, and they helped create State Propaganda TV called Fox News funded by the most anti-government billionaires. They also started or lent help to far right websites. This all known.

      The thing I think is not widely known is how the people behind it knew it was not democratic and did not want the will of the people. Their goal was to force an ideology on the rest of the country at any cost.

      They created the opening for a totally lawless POTUS and they continue to support him. They created the cult that tRump took over. Ron, my husband, says evil is real. He claims these people are evil. But regardless they have made an opening and fueled the rise / power of a corrupt POTUS who is as evil as they are.

      To your point of violence. We thought we left that behind in the 1950’s, yet the Republicans seem to have never given up the idea of only their special privileged people should vote. The correct people. The people with their mindset and ideas. So they encourage their lowest most disposable people to become thugs to enforce the gang mentality of what they want. The Republican party has become a criminal gang of thugs with the backing of the state authority.

      Well that is how I see it. Hugs

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