Thousands Stranded After Trump Rally For Third Time

Again!  Really.  The third time.   This is a real fuck you to his cult.   How the hell can he be trusted with running a country if he can not get his rally fawning cult back to their cars safely?   He can not get his people to figure out the logistics, how can they handle anything more complex, like say the US government.  Really the first time might have been a mistake, a missed part of the cog.   But by the third time it becomes a very clear fuck you.  I got what I wanted, you are not needed any more.   Go die or suffer, I don’t care is the thought process here.   Hey if he can ignore covid, I guess he can ignore his supporters freezing to death or severe injury / illness.   Is this the president for the people?  Get real tRumpet cult members.   

Thousands Stranded After Trump Rally For Third Time

Newsweek reports:

Supporters of President Donald Trump were left stranded overnight after a campaign rally in Georgia ended in chaos. Thousands were bussed into the Richard B. Russell Regional Airport in Rome, leaving their cars in parking lots, but were left waiting for hours after coaches failed to pick them up.

The Georgia rally was Trump’s fourth and penultimate campaign stop of the day, drawing a crowd of up to 30,000. But chaotic scenes unfolded as the rally drew to a close around 10:30 p.m. EST with thousands battling to exit the site and lining the road scrambling to get onto buses.


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