Trump Repeatedly Fantasizes About Beating Up Biden at Florida Rally

Is this what passes for presidential and statesman like these days.   Hugs


As this dreadful election cycle hurtles toward its sorry climax, we have reached a point that was perhaps always inevitable—the incumbent president threatening to kick his Democratic rival’s ass. At a Sunday night rally in Florida, the recently hospitalized president, who famously believes that doing exercise makes people die young because humans have a finite amount of energy like a battery, daydreamed aloud about how he badly he would beat up fellow septuagenarian Joe Biden if he had the chance. “Those legs have gotten very thin,” Trump said of his rival. “Not a lot of base. You wouldn’t have to close, you wouldn’t have to close the fist.” The president’s musings were met with chants of “KICK HIS ASS!”


Trump is about to deliver his fifth pandemic rally speech of the day, this one in Opa-Locka, Florida. Follow for a video thread.

Trump goads his fans into booing the media. Some Trump followers turn around and flip journalists the bird as "CNN sucks!" chants thunder

This rally, which flies in the face of Miami-Dade's attempt to impose a Covid curfew, comes days after a study linked Trump's pandemic rallies with 700 coronavirus deaths

Trump mocks Joe Biden for implementing basic public health guidelines at his political events, then mentions "Barack Hussein Obama." The crowd responds by chanting "lock him up!"

Wow — a "Fire Fauci!" chant at the Trump rally

"Let me wait until a little after the election," Trump replies

"Of all the people in the world I could fight that's probably the one I'd like to most fight. Those legs have gotten very thin" — Trump mocks Biden's appearance and fantasizes about fighting him

"They had the thing with these, really, I'd say very good people. They were riding along the highway, & you had sleepy Joe's bus. So they escorted the bus & the radical left said, 'oh what a horrible thing.' They don't tell you about antifa"– Trump glorifies mob violence

Trump is complaining about the weather in Michigan in Florida

I doubt Jim Carrey appreciates this

Trump is still fantasizing about knocking out Joe Biden

Trump fans direct "lock her up!" chants toward Ilhan Omar

Trump claims he was getting "a little bit frisky" with North Korea his first week in office

"blood in the sand" — start your Monday morning by taking a DRINK

Trump's entire governing philosophy, in one 13-second clip

things are getting weird

And it's over. Trump's next rally is scheduled to start in North Carolina in less than 10 hours.

Originally tweeted by Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) on November 2, 2020.

2 thoughts on “Trump Repeatedly Fantasizes About Beating Up Biden at Florida Rally

  • The man is empathy deficient. and seems not to see any value in another human life. Except that he seems to recognise those with similar qualities to himself and declares comradeship with such. Dictators all who can extinguish lives without blinking. I suspect this is what he wants. Being possibly in a position still where he might be checked he has allowed the Coronavirus to run riot. fulfilling his wishes for him telling himself he is exercising the power of life and death, which he is, and getting away with it. He distracts by egging on his foolowers to show just how base they are and to break the law under the gaze of uncaring policemen in the areas he holds.

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    • Hello David. tRump has always lived in a reality of his own making. Since he ran for President and won he has been able to change reality / the facts simply by refusing to accept what he doesn’t want to accept. His supporters will believe his twisted untrue reality before they accept what they see and know in front of them. And yes a lot of police are also in the cult of tRump. All in all this is not democracy but roving gangs of tRump supporting thugs. Hugs


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