3 thoughts on “Trump Voters On What They’ll Do If Trump Loses

  • I’ve tried to watch these videos, just snippets… and I can’t do it anymore.

    I’m going to vote tomorrow. Got a bunch of other stuff that needs doing my one day out of the house, so I’m going early in the morning. I got a headache from hell because I’m too wired to sleep. Just half an hour ago, after watching a few bits, I had this feeling like an abrupt elevator jolt when your stomach hits the floor. And I was just sitting here on the couch.

    I know people have said they’re scared in this election… and I now know it’s not hyperbole with me. I had some genuine moments of fear that probably won’t abate for months. I’ll be writing in my journal like crazy the next few weeks, trying to get my head back on straight. I’ll probably have a full head of gray hair by the time inauguration day rolls around. I’ve always tried to see something good in everything, to find that one thing, even if it’s small, the silver lining. But a Dump win? I can see absolutely nothing good that can come from that.

    I’m in a rural quiet voting location. If I get there early enough, I might be the 5th person in line at the most. That’s how sparse it is usually. But I’m gonna keep myself focused on what I need to do and get out. And when I get back home (after a few other bureaucratic chores), I’m probably gonna crawl in bed and put some jazz tunes on the TV (or if I got Weather Channel again, hope they’re doing the 8 hours of no election coverage thing they did in 2016 and just have that on all day.

    Fingers crossed and virtual hugs to all.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. I can understand. I got sick on election day, and have not felt up to my normal news watching mode. We know now that Biden has won / will win if the courts do not give it to tRump. However we did not take the Senate, because far too many people are OK with what the Republicans are doing. Or they have been sold on the idea that Democrats are evil devil worshiping kid screwing baby blood drinking fiends. Hugs

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