13 thoughts on “Frigging idiot

    • Yeah … him winning again is almost as bad as Trump being reelected because once again he’s going to BLOCK everything he possibly can to stop the Democrats. BTW, am I the only one that wonders how he has so much power?

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      • Hello Nan. I agree and wonder also. But have you noticed that for decades Republicans walk lockstep together. They take orders from the top. For a long time they put up presidential candidates based on party seniority. I have never understood that. If McConnell says don’t vote for X, they don’t vote for it. If he tells them to say something, they all say the same thing. They have one heck of a messaging machine. But Democrats think independently, it is like herding cats. Cenk says it is because Republicans understand how to use power to get power, but Democrats don’t. I am worried now about the country. We may have stopped the bleeding but we can not heal / fix things if we do not have the Senate. If the people do not see anything getting done in the next couple years to help them, they will blame the Democrats and the Republicans will gain back congress at the midterms. Hugs


        • Wanna’ hear something even worse? The Guardian is reporting that Trump is talking (seriously, they say) about running again in 2024 if Biden wins.

          Will the torture never end????

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          • Hello Nan. Nope. I have a Times article cued up after I get the comments caught up. It has more on this and tRump’s plan to keep his name and face in the public eye. Hugs

            Win or Lose, Trump Will Remain a Powerful and Disruptive Force
            Even if he is defeated, he has made clear that he would not shrink from the scene.

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            • Not surprising. I’m sure it’s simply unthinkable to him to live a “normal” life. He craves the notoriety, the praise, the fame and attention far too much. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he holds his first campaign rally on January 21, 2021.

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              • Hello Nan. I had not thought of that, but it is like him to do so. I think he also needs that campaign money. He could still fund raise for years and he has been using it to pay for a bunch of personal things, technically illegal, but he gets away with doing it. Hugs


                • …technically illegal, but he gets away with doing it. — For me, this is one of the MOST maddening things about this jerk because he DOES continue to get away with stuff that, from all indications, is illegal. Yet no one — Democrat or Republican — does anything. As I’ve said before, he has an extremely crafty bunch of lawyers working for him.

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                  • Hello Nan. I think it is not crafty lawyers. It is Republicans that cover for him and won’t use the power of their office to do their job. The power of their tribe is more important than anything else. Graham gave 5 grand to trump because of all the fraud, and all the SPTV opinion hosts are screaming about all the fraud, and dozens of cult elected Republicans claiming tRump is correct in all the stealing of his win. Until these people, these Republicans, get into reality instead of the tRump fantasyland, we have only one party trying hard to make the government function and do the correct thing. Hugs


          • Hello Nan. Also now the GOP Senate candidate in MI is refusing to concede. He is using tRump’s line about all the cheating, rigging, and fraud to claim the election was stolen. Hugs


    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes I agree. But there is yet hope. It seems both Georgia Senators need to go to run offs. Right now the Senate is 48 / 48. If even we get one of those seats and Biden wins, we control the Senate. Not by much, but by enough we can keep enough going to more seats in 2022. Hugs

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