Armed Cultists Try To Storm Arizona Elections Center

Armed Cultists Try To Storm Arizona Elections Center


Phoenix’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Several hundred protesters gathered outside of the Maricopa County Elections Office on Wednesday night as the votes from the 2020 elections continued to be counted. The group had gathered around 7:30 p.m. and attempted to get inside the office, according to ABC15.

Protesters could be heard chanting “count those votes” and chastising Fox News Channel for calling Arizona for Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday, which was the first network to make that call. The crowd also voiced concerns over if ballots filled out with permanent marker were being counted.

Around 9:45 p.m., Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputies could be seen wearing tactical gear as the crowd continued to grow outside of the elections office.

Tell me again which party believes in the rule of law?  Law and order, is this what they mean?  Which party believes in democracy?   Also I want to echo where is the nasty tactics used on peaceful BLM demonstrators?    If this doesn’t show how the police do sympathize with the authoritarian right, because they are part of it.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Armed Cultists Try To Storm Arizona Elections Center

  • We knew, didn’t we? Yeah. We knew a long time ago. Trump just brought the carbuncle to a head. “Law and order” is just another dog whistle for them. Militias have no legal standing, but when they invade statehouses or parade with their weapons to interrupt the democratic process, which is a federal violation, they get no pushback by law enforcement. They’re not black. Do people still question racism in America? Systemic racism? If there is no systemic racism, why does it require separate legislation for Blacks and other minorities to have any portion of the rights others receive as a matter of course?

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    • Hello Cagjr. Very true, everything you wrote. Look at the pictures, no POC in the crowds. They say tRump got 42% of the vote total. That is the size of the deplorable racist bigots of our population. We thought we had them beaten back and dying out, but Obama’s presidency brought out their fury while tRump encouraged and gave them government support. It will be hard to push them back under their rocks again. But if we want any progressive forward movement in this country we must do so. We need to do what other countries do and start right from the youngest grades in public school teaching inclusion and tolerance. That will leave the bigots and Christian nationalist furiously screaming their heads off, we must ignore them and restore balance to the country. Either all people are created equal under the law in our country or the constitution is trashed. We must see the constitution as a living document able to grow as needed to be inclusive of our times as our nation progresses. It is 2020 for dogs sake, let’s join the rest of the developed nations and progress to a better future for all. Hugs


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