10 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump & Republicans trying to destroy democracy

  • Scottie, when my daughter and I were talking about the president not being a very good loser his whole life, she responded quickly, saying he is not a very good winner either. We should not forget he spent tax payer dollars to investigate his alleged fraud in the overall vote count (after winning) in 2016. They spent a year and found the counts to be true.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but he had Barr look into the start of the Russia investigation and it quietly ended two months ago with the findings there was some sloppy work, but nothing illegal was done. The news got very little fanfare. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. There is nothing gracious about tRump, and there has never been. Anyone who starts meetings by making those attending all praise him profusely has no decency and represents only the worst of humanity. Hugs


      • I recognized that, too. I just remember thinking aloud to a co-worker or friend “gee, you ever see so many sore winners in your life?” She started laughing, and we just couldn’t believe it. But it happens all the time. It’s a family tic or something now.

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. I couldn’t believe all those people debased themselves not just once but repeatedly. Talk about no self respect or dignity. I think of the crap the reporters take without calling tRump out, and I know I couldn’t / wouldn’t tolerate it. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. I think some of the hardest things about the roundup is the placement of the cartoons / memes and which ones to leave out. Like on this one I had maybe 6 to 8 stop the count ones I did not use because they had no other context and I already had a bunch of them. When I go to do the post, I open a new browser, then open all 71 cartoon tabs some of which had multiple pages on them. I start with the editorial pages first, then go to the more funny cartoons. But I never know what order they will come in or what will be the most popular subject. So I start by trying to space them wide / far apart. But WordPress is not making it easy and now when I post them it removes all the spaces. I try to group like subjects together. But mostly I enjoy them and like to do the post. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. You should know that all the stuff I liked since 2 Am this morning the likes did not take, and I am going back through and liking as many as I can find. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. Yes in a way. I use the bell shaped button on the top of the my Toy Box page and I like from there and normally answer from there. I have had trouble before on this, but never thought of it for your problem. You wont like what I am going to say. When that happens to me it is because my network adapter has been corrupted to run bots, extra network traffic other than mine. I reset mine about every morning but just after I typed to you the like problem I ran several tests you can run. I googled something, anything it doesn’t matter, and got back a response that Google detected unusual traffic on my network. Then I signed into Twitter. Some times when I sign into twitter it shows me not where I am due to my VPN, but if I set my VPN to a specific place and sign into twitter and it shows me out of the country say Italy or Romania then I know I have been corrupted and used as a bot.

          I know what you will say, your antivirus did not detect anything, and it wont. These bots are not regular malware. They are state level malware designed not to trigger anti virus scans, they are not designed to interfere with most computer user functions. They simply syphon a bit of your computer power, ram, and your internet to be a bot attacking other nation state goals / targets. Also they do not do it constantly, your computer is on a bot so only when that bot is activated is it effected, and in your case it is in the mornings. Our government does it, so does most others. The most aggressive is the USA, Russia, North Korea, and China. Remember a year ago I was fighting constant malware attacks. I had to teach myself about this.

          So I use several programs that let me know when it is happening. I use one keyboard and mouse for two computers, when it stops moving smoothly between the two computers it is a sign, but not conclusive. Like I said if I google something and get the unusual traffic page with a box to check I know for sure, if I sign into twitter and it says I am somewhere in the world I am not I have to check my VPN and the IP to double check.

          When I noticed that my likes were gone I reset my network adapters. Again this won’t trip your antivirus or malware detectors, and it won’t normally last for more than a few hours. As soon as I reset my network adapters I tried to do the likes again, and they stuck.

          So Nan I think you have a bot network and no your malwarebytes won’t detect it. So you need to reset your network. There is two ways I do this. A total system reset involving your modem / router and a computer only network adapter reset. This afternoon I did the latter one, computer only, and it worked my likes have stuck.

          So here is what I recommend you do. Now some of these steps may need more explaining but as you are computer versed I am going to assume you are up on what I am writing but if you need more information please let me know.

          Now what I am going to describe is done not knowing your system. I do not know if you have a VPN or a seperate router / modem. I am going to run on the assumption you have a combined router / modem as that is what most people have from their provider.

          On your modem / router if possible reset it / unplug it. If you have a battery back up one this won’t work. But it may not be needed. For me If I am doing both computers and the system I unplug and plug in my modem forcing it to dump and when plugged in to restart all modes, I turn off and on my router forcing it to do the same resetting all its internal firewalls and checks.

          For the simply adapter reset I did to regain my likes I did not do anything with the modem, router, I only did the one computer.

          Unplug your ethernet connection to your computer. Go to your control panel, network and sharing, and click change adapter settings, when the box comes up showing your connections simply right click on them and left click disable. As you know left click is an action, right click is a menu of available actions. While I am OCD about it the only connection you really are worried about is your ethernet connection, so make sure that is disabled.

          Go to any utility program you have and do a registry sweep. I make it simple and sweep the registry and the browsers and unwanted files, those unwanted files are buggers as that is what the bots use. Do it repeatedly until it comes back clear. I have a decent program from Germany I can recommend if you like.

          Then go to windows settings, network & internet, scroll down to network reset. Click that. You get a box asking if you want that, yes. Then you get a blue box saying you have 5 minutes until you are signed out. It will do the same at 2 minutes. I never wait that long. I got to power and click restart.

          Now I have to admit after it restarts I run all my utility cleaners and I recommend it, it will get rid of trash you do not need and was hiding. Then I reinstall network adapter programs but you don’t have to. I do it because I have the software and it simply is a step I do, but if you do not know or have the software handy don’t worry.

          Again go to your control panel, network and sharing, and click change adapter settings, when the box comes up showing your connections right click on your ethernet connection and disable it. If all your checks have been done plug in your ethernet connection to your computer. If your connection is disabled it shouldn’t have any flashing lights.

          If all is good then simply go back to the control panel, network and sharing, and click change adapter settings, when the box comes up showing your connections right click on your ethernet connection and enable.

          Then wait a bit depending on your computer, and a blue box comes up on the far right side asking if you want the computer network to recognize other devices on the network? Click yes.

          Your computer is yours again until the bot network works its way back into your computer, and it will. But it could take days or even longer. But now you have a way to tell when you need to dump your network adapter, when you can not like a post even after resetting it.

          This is not a perfect way to tell the problem, I did not even realize when you were telling me that this was your problem, until it happened to me to day. But again I dump mine routinely every morning before I do my roundup because if some of those web sites sense a bot they shut me out.

          If you want any other information let me know. Hugs


          • Thanks … but NO THANKS!!

            Scottie, I really do appreciate you taking the time and effort to write all this out, but there is simply NO WAY I would attempt these actions. If I screwed up anywhere along the way, I would pull out all my hair and go running and screaming into the street! (Besides, you’ve overestimated my abilities as I don’t totally understand much of what you wrote.)

            I would MUCH prefer trying to get some help from WordPress! Perhaps, as you suggest, the problem is bigger than that but I still think I would rather try to spell it out for them and see if they can offer some help. And if they can’t then I’ll just learn to live with using the Reader.

            Again … thank you so much for your efforts!


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