5 thoughts on “Knock Knock

  • Hi, Scottie, know we don’t agree politically, but I still loved your Pollcat cartoons. LOL The pollsters are done. Probably need to look for another profession. 🙂 Blessings.

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    • Hello Becky. I posted some more cartoons about pollsters today. They really messed up on two elections now. I think they need to figure out what they are doing wrong or maybe we need to stop worrying about the polls. Be well. Hugs


  • Polls are influenced as much as they influence others. It’s that see-saw effect.
    Candidate A is ahead in the polls. People flood them with more money because they realize they’re backing a winner and they want to keep that edge, so more news about the polls to bolster their position (and some people stay home and don’t vote because what’s the point).
    Candidate B’s supporters freak out and decide to flock to the voting booths to flip the apple cart over, not telling the pollsters what they plan to do because they want to make it a surprise upset.

    That’s the trouble. They’ve equated poll results to the truth, and it’s not the truth. People can give false or misleading answers to try and drive the narrative the way they want. They’re basing the accuracy on the idea that people will answer truthfully.

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    • Hello Chatty introvert. Polling in the 2016 election was surprisingly accurate. When it was examined the results matched up state and county pretty good, and while they had predicted Hillary to win by a large margin the state / county was correct. This election was a disaster of misinformation. Nothing came out like the pollsters said. As you say people can and do lie. However the means of polling has problems it self. Do they call only landlines? How do they conduct the poll? Who are they polling? I have never been contacted for a poll on politics. I guess they do not want my opinion. So that makes me wonder how skewed all polls are. Because when issues are polled people tend to be left / liberal on the issues. However when code words or parties are involved people poll to the right. Those two things make no sense when looked at together. Hugs

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      • yeah, the process is messed up. There’s supposedly a stipulation that companies can’t call your cell phone without your express permission because of the charges (back in the day when it was all such-and-such per text or call, now I don’t think a single provider does anything other than base price). Legislation and phone plans haven’t met in the middle yet.

        But yeah, they really need to go for other avenues, like surveys over the internet or something like that.

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