8 thoughts on “Daily Morning Cartoon / meme roundup: Even tRump’s flying monkey minions can not help him now, the people have spoken and he is fired

  • I always look forward to your cartoon round-ups. Today’s offering is great! Of course, they’re all great, but being in a bright mood this morning, I think I appreciated the political humor more than ever. Congratulations are in order for America! We’ve saved our democracy, and while we’re still a divided nation, at least 74 million of us stood up, spoke out, and are still fighting for what we know is right. Thanks for being a big part of that fight.

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    • Hello Judith. Thank you, I take great joy in doing the morning roundup. I agree with you it feels nice we don’t have to worry about having a ruler or king. What ticked me off a bit was Mitt Romney saying that the majority of the country believes in conservative policies and wants right leaning ideas, so he and the Republicans would work to enforce them on to Biden. He totally dismissed the 74+ million that voted for Biden and Harris to push his right is right only message. Hugs


      • Totally agree. I was a bit miffed at Mitt this morning, but I’ve resolved to not let him spoil my day. 🙂 I’m looking forward to better days for America coming soon.

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  • I echo Judith’s comments. I’ve always enjoyed these Daily morning roundups. And even more so this morning, knowing that tRump is FIRED!

    Thank you, Scottie. Thank you so much. I’m grateful.

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    • Hello Paul. Thank you, that is really grand. It does seem better already in the US I think, a hope to return to more normal ways of behaving. I love the morning roundup, cartoons / memes can really drive home a point. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. I hope the calling of the election gives a sense of peace to those who needed it. I think people should be relieved. Now we need to help the two democrats in Georgia.
      I have my spine shots in the morning, but I plan to write up the WordPress thing and send it to you. I was going to do it today but I am too tired. Just got back up and not sure I am staying up even. Hugs


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