Trump fundraiser emails for legal challenges would also pay down campaign debt, fine print says

Another reason not to concede, but to keep the legal challenges going.   tRump needs the money and so needs to keep grifting.   Just like TV religious leaders, keep sending me money praise the …   Hugs

In the Trump campaign’s latest push to raise money for its “election defense” fund, at least half of any donation could go toward paying down debt for the president’s campaign, according to the fine print.

The Trump campaign has mounted legal challenges in several battleground states that show Democratic challenger Joe Biden ahead as votes continue to be tallied in the tightly contested presidential race, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Over the last four days, the Trump campaign as well as the Republican National Committee have sent a flurry of text messages and emails urging supporters to contribute to the president’s court challenges.

“President Trump is FIGHTING BACK to defend the integrity of this Election, but he can’t do it alone,” one email reads. “He needs YOU to step up and join him by contributing to our critical Election Defense Fund.”

But a disclaimer on the website states that 50% of any donation will go toward the campaign’s general election debt retirement and the other half toward the campaign’s recount account, the Wall Street Journal first reported.

A separate fundraising effort by the “Trump Make America Great Again Committee” states that 60% of contributions will go toward campaign debt while 40% goes to the RNC.

There is more at the link above.   Hugs

14 thoughts on “Trump fundraiser emails for legal challenges would also pay down campaign debt, fine print says

    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Yup. But I figured he would pull this. He started fundraising day 1 of his presidency. They raked in over a billion dollars. They spent it on staff, trump friends, and tRump family. The campaigned picked up the salaries of fired staff, of all the legal bills for tRump’s family, not to mention fancy homes and cars for the campaign manager. tRump needs money badly, plus he wants to keep doing rallies as he loves the feeling people like him, so he needs to raise money to pay for it. So he will money beg harder than an evangelist with a revival tent. Hugs

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        • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. From your lips to dogs ears. Yes I want that also. I try never to wish harm on anyone, but I do want karma for him. Let the harm he has done to others come back on him three fold. Hugs

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      • Oh hell, I just had a bad mental image of Trump becoming a preacher so he can get all the crowds he wants and cheat on his taxes as legally as possible. How many folks do you think would come to see him (especially if he did a travelling tent show vs. a standalone building… and what would that building look like)? Hell, what would the sermons be like.

        I’m torn between disgust and trying not to fall off the couch laughing now.

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. Don’t laugh, if he could have read and memorized the book he would have done it. He is a born conman grifter. That’s what his rallies are, a conman grift. Hugs

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          • He could probably pull it off. The Universe knows there’s enough of those preachers who love to hold that book up, but don’t teach squat from it. Cherry pick what they like and remove the rest.

            Joel Osteen always pissed me off because of it. I learned later that most of the crap coming out of his mouth is pure Deepak and Oprah, new-agey positive stuff with no depth and certainly not from the Bible. But I guess, like other pastors, he figured if you name-drop Jesus once in a while, the congregation will think it’s legit and move on.

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  • Isn’t it ironic that he “needs” the money?

    I agree that it’s to help him pay his upcoming legal fees than it is anything else — no matter how he tried to spin it.

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    • Hello Nan. As I said to Jeff the tRump family has been using the campaign donations as a slush fund for four years. They have tapped it to pay salaries of friends, fired staff, and pay for legal fees and other things for the tRump family. He also wants to keep doing rallies and he hates to spend his limited funds, so he will need the donations to get them. However he wants people to think he is wealthy, and still give him money. It is the opposite of people like Kenneth Copeland who is super wealthy and pretends to need more donations so the rubes keep giving. So how does tRump money beg and still claim he is super wealthy? He runs for a office he feels was owed to him and creates a TV / radio show that scams his cult while giving him a platform to be a royal poltical pain in the ass to everyone especially the tRump party Republicans. See I think tRump is going to claim he is still the leader of the Republican party, and Pat Toomey said tRump would retain control of the base of the party for some time to come. That is going to hurt. Hugs

      OT. I seen the Governor for South Dakota today on Meet the press. She was rabid that there was widespread voting fraud and tRump was correct the Democrats were stealing the election from him. She was asked about the high Covid outbreak in her state and praised tRump’s handling of the virus. It was a sign of what Biden will face, a rabid hard right that wont give an inch and wants to drive the country in to fascism. They won’t work with Biden and Biden will have to realize this is a fight fast, or we will have nothing get done. Hugs

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      • There is ABSOLUTELY no doubt that Biden has his work cut out for him!

        As thrilled and happy we are that he’s #46, we will still be dealing with a lot of Trump “CRAP* over the next four years.

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        • You got that right–he’s gonna be spending the first couple at least trying to fix the mess that was left and hopefully get some of his stuff done. I sure hope he listens to the folks wanting more progressive changes (which to most of the western world is what they would call “normal” stuff). But we’re starting from a needle so far to the right of the scale it’s gonna take a lot of work to move it even back to center.

          We’ve had regressive policy makers too damned long. Time to right the ship so we can be prepared for the future and not be choking to death on the dust left by other economies (or the pollution from environmental deregulation). It’s kinda stupid for those “‘Murica!” folks to be waving that big foam finger and screaming “we’re #1!” while we’re going down bow first as other nations look on.

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