3 thoughts on “Why you spent four years claiming to own the libs?

    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes they have been taught by SPTV that unlimited aggression is the correct way to win what you want. They have been taught by all the right wing media that to care about others feelings is weak. So now they are afraid others will treat them the way they treated those others. I still think that is a large part of racism in older white people. They are simply afraid they will be treated as disrespectfully as they treated POC. Hugs

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      • which by definition (you’d think) means they know they’ve treated others that don’t look like them like crap, so despite all they’ve been saying, systemic racism does exist in this country. If it didn’t, why the hell would they be expecting retribution?

        The clear lack of reflection and inability (or unwillingness) to draw the proper conclusion just worries me.

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