5 thoughts on “Can Trump steal the election?

  • Hi Scottie, This is a great video, disturbing to say the least. I don’t think our country could withstand four more years of Trump. The Republican party has really lost it’s way. I just so amazed that people can’t see that. They don’t even try to hide the cheating, and gerrymandering. South America is looking better all the time.

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    • Hi Contessa, It is disturbing that these people continue with their pitiful effort to have an impact on an election that is already on the books. The states in question have already held the election with the law they had in place. They have the supreme court which they would want if they could get a case that far.

      It is over. What we need now is some adult supervision. Otherwise, they will continue to prove their disdain for our laws and constitution. So much for the law and order club.

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    • Hello cornfedcontessa. The Republicans have showed their true colors over the last four years and even before that, and they sure are not red, white, and blue. They have clearly shown what they care about, it is not democracy but instead it is power. They crave power and to get it they have to keep their cushy jobs which means they have to please the want-to-be ruler tRump and his cult of followers. However the decent people out number the bad people by enough that we can wrestle the country from their clutches and back on a course for progressive future. This election was a start, now we have to get the 40% that did not vote to try doing so. Hugs

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  • Hi Scottie, and thanks for another look at our situation. This is some sound information: the Trump people will have to find some violation in the state’s election process. I understand his people want him to start holding rallies around the country which will no doubt stir up the troglodytes, but it will not change the vote count. The more of these sophomoric attempts at changing the outcome of the election, the less credibility they have if they appear before a court. I think maybe their only objective now is to try to soothe the maddened beast.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes the courts are getting tired of these sham filings, that are done just to please tRump. The allegations make no sense, somehow the Democrats rigged the elections in states where Biden won, but forgot to also make sure the Democrats won down ballot. If those top choice ballots are illegal so are the winning votes for the Republicans lower on the ballot. Not well thought out is it?

      The Republicans want him to gin up the base for Georgia, tRump wants to grift money in donations and to delegitimatize Biden’s term like he thinks his was illegitimate and what he did to Obama. But the one who pays the price for tRump’s ego and the Republican power grab, is our democracy and also tRump’s company. The longer he draws this out, the less clout his business have. Hugs


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