11 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Joe Biden is President 46 and Kamala Harris is the first woman Vice President. A new day in the US is beginning

  • Scottie, more than a few Trump supporters should applaud the breaking of the glass ceiling. Their two speeches were so refreshing to hear – inclusion, hope, healing – no demonization of anyone. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Nice to have a pair of grown ups unfettered by political fear speaking? I have listened to the round of frightened Republicans backing tRump and his position of tearing up democracy and I was disgusted. They still fear his mean tweets so much they are willing to destroy the faith in the democracy they are sworn to serve. Shows me how much their oaths mean to them. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. Yes they did. After I posted it I found out there is a possibility that Biden may end up the 47th president. If tRump resigns then Pence will be the 46th one.

      OT. I spent the better part of two days in bed. I had shots in my spine and in my right shoulder Monday morning. The spine felt better right away but I am struggling really hard to move my right shoulder and dealing with the pain in it. But the real problem is being tired. I got home and went to bed, got up and ate, and went to bed. Got up at 4 AM yesterday went back to bed at 8, stayed in bed until around noon, made a chili and about 2:30 was back in bed. I did not get up until midnight. Now at 4 AM I want to go back to bed. Tomorrow morning I have the abdominal scan. But when I get up today I want to work on the WordPress problem. When you get the white box in the upper left corner is it the sign on box you would get if you try to like something with out being signed in? Try signing off and emptying your history, then liking a page and let me know if it is the same box that comes up and goes away. Thanks. Hugs


      • I noticed your “absence.” Such a bummer that all this is hitting you. 😥

        As for the WP thing … I’m trying something new. Jill mentioned she has also had problems and she uses Firefox and/or Opera. This made me decide to try using MS Edge to see if it works any better (I prefer Chrome). It does and it doesn’t. The white box did flash, but on the second flash, it brought up a “sign-in” page (this never happened with Chrome). However, I’m apparently only “signed in” to that particular blog because the next one I visited wouldn’t accept my “like” and the box popped up again. sigh

        For whatever reason, WP doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge that I’ve logged in. Yet if I go to my own blog, I’m “always” logged in.

        I really think this is a glitch that has come into play with all the “improvements”(???) that WP engineers are making … and trying to explain it to them is a fruitless endeavor — especially through a chat or email. So once again, I tend to think I will just have to grin and bear it … and cuss a bunch.

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        • Hello Nan. I often wipe out my histories on my three browsers. That signs me out of WordPress. Well I have one that does it automatically. If I go to a blog and try to like it I get the sign in box you mention. I normally only have to sign in once. I think the problem is not WordPress but in your browser. Have you updated Chrome recently? If not try that. https://www.google.com/chrome/update/ It is a really simple procedure. I had a problem a long time ago with Chrome and WordPress which did not effect Firefox. However I deleted Chrome, did a registry clean, and reinstalled it and the problem went away. Let me know if that works. I do want to get the problem fixed for you. Do you use Firefox? Try it on the WordPress sites you have trouble with. Full disclosure, I dislike Edge greatly.

          As for me I am feeling better. Yesterday I was the first day I was up most of the day in two weeks it seems. I feel really good right now, I hope it lasts. I am bruised all over my abdomen from the ultrasound. The woman did a great job and was very friendly and helpful, but pressing on me is all it takes to bruise. My plan today is to catch up on comments, and other peoples blogs, then start my news cycles. Hugs


          • I’m also not a fan of MS Edge … but it’s working! I only have to login to the first blog I visit (via the white box in the left-hand corner) and from there on, my likes are accepted on all blogs!

            My major dislike in using Edge is that every time I get an email, I get a “notification” sound that sounds like a BURP! I’ve tried everything suggested on the internet to get rid of it without success. But since most of my emails come in during the early part of my day, I only have to put up with it for a few hours.

            Yes, I recently uploaded the latest Chrome update. As for cleaning the registry … I don’t feel comfortable taking that step. I’m too afraid of hitting the wrong button or something and losing everything. And while I do clear my browsing history (about once a week), I don’t like clearing the “cookies” because that means I have to sign-in every time on sites that I regularly visit (not blogs). Maybe that’s a mistake on my part, but it is what it is.

            So very, very happy that you’re feeling better! Hope it continues. DON’T OVERDO!!!!

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            • Hello Nan. Thank you. I am worried about Ron, he seems to be coming down with the symptoms I had. I will try not to over due and get sick again.

              Didn’t you tell me you run Malwarebytes? If I remember correctly it has a registry cleaner in it and a root kit scanner. Not a bad program, and it runs in auto mode if you like. If you have not tried Firefox yet, I think it would be a good idea to download it and see if it does the same thing as edge. If we we know the problem is in your chrome and uninstalling it and reinstalling it my fix it. So with the Edge once you sign in the first time you can like and comment on blogs with no trouble? No more sign in needed? No needing to go to the reader? Interesting! Hugs

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              • OK … just downloaded, installed, and used CCleaner. I had forgotten about it … used to use it regularly on my last computer. This comment is my first action since cleaning files, etc. (also since latest MS update install & restart).

                I’m currently using Chrome, so once I login to post this, I’m going to see if I can “like” your last comment.

                And yes, once I “sign in” with Edge, everything works. We’ll now see what happens going back to Chrome.

                NOT very good news about Ron! What do you think is happening? Change in weather?

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                • Hello Nan. Something is going on with us both. It seems we are cycling with something. He is having the same symptoms I had. I still have not gotten a result of my ultrasound scan. I am worried we are passing something back and forth. Today I feel tired, so I will nap this afternoon after the news shows. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel as energetic as I did the last few days.

                  Let me know how it works with chrome. Hugs


                  • It’s sure beginning to sound like you two are “sharing” whatever it is that’s making you feel bad. Is there any chance it could be something “in the air”? Seriously. Also, are you regularly disinfecting things whenever either of you go out and return? I would assume you are, but since it’s not something most of us do in normal circumstances, it’s easy to forget.

                    I didn’t turn off my computer last night (long story) so I haven’t experienced any of the usual burps and blips. I’ll keep you posted.

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