NBC News: ‘No honeymoon’: Biden surrounded on all sides when he gets to the White House

‘No honeymoon’: Biden surrounded on all sides when he gets to the White House
It’s not just the GOP and a conservative Supreme Court — it’s some in his own party.

Read in NBC News: https://apple.news/A2DOyN5q8S-2AQLst6c0ycg

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6 thoughts on “NBC News: ‘No honeymoon’: Biden surrounded on all sides when he gets to the White House

  • There’s no doubt it’s been gratifying that Biden has been declared the 46th POTUS. HOWEVER, there’s also no doubt that he will have a HUGE battle on his hands once he formally steps into the Oval Office.

    I know he’s said he wants to heal … and to work together … and I’m sure in his spirit he does want these things. But the Republicans are NOT going to simply shut up and give in. The battle will continue. The big difference, of course, will be that Biden will be fighting for things that the “liberal” side wants … instead of what the Trumpsters want.

    In any case, I do not see the Trump-pets taking the changes quietly and peacefully. They’ve learned well from their master.

    The next four years will be better … but I don’t think they will be easy.

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    • Hello Nan. Yes very true. Republicans have taught the maga cult that non-compromising whelming aggression with total disregard for truth and normal decency gets them what they want. They will continue to use that.

      Joe Manchin screwed the entire Biden administration over with his vow on SPTV to not vote for any non-Republican bills such as court expansion and more liberal medical plans. He called the Democratic ideas socialist. He is against DC statehood, WTF.
      He basically declared himself to be a Republican lite plant in the Democratic caucus. He voted for the Republican judges, he voted for Kavanaugh. He voted with Republican more than against them. So when I heard him spouting how Democrats needed to be more right wing, more moderate, more Republican I was not surprised, but thinking more on the lines with this kind of stuff why have two parties?

      The cooperate moderate “center” Democrats want to blame the liberals or left for their losses. But that doesn’t hold up. All the progressives won their elections and took seats from the establishment center moderates. The Justice Democrats increased their number in congress. The ones who lost were running as Republican’s lite, running as just slightly right of center, but not as much as the Republican. Heck many of them ran on Republican platforms such as anti-abortion and other right wing ideas. Who did they think they were appealing too. Why would a Republican vote for half a Republican when they can have a full Republican for the same price?

      Clare McCaskill lost her election running as a moderate center Democrat a few years ago and immediately started on MSNBC constantly berating Democrats to move right in order to win. It cost her the election and she still pushes the idea. Lets try something new, giving the people a real choice between right and left, conservative and liberal. Liberal is not a dirty word and I want to take it back from the Republicans who made it one.

      As one person on the news said, “This is a left of center country run by a right of center government”. Republicans are a minority who try to run as a super majority. The only bright spot is in 2022 the Senate election map looks great for Democrats, but we have to get better at and more control over messaging. I doubt Biden will get much done over the next two years but if we can show how that is the fault of an obstructionist Republican Senate, we can win. Hugs

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  • I know folks are griping about how centrist he is compared to others in the party, and I do it sometimes myself. We need real positive changes in this country. I’m just afraid this term is going to take up most of (at least) the first half of Biden’s administration to set right.

    As the great philosopher Spock once said. “As a matter of cosmic history, it has always been easier to destroy than to create.”

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes it is easier to destroy, and tRump with the help of the Republican elected officials have sure done their best to do so.

      The start of Biden’s term will be with both the left and right trying to pull Biden to them. How far each way Biden will move is up to him, but then it will settle down to the midterm election fights and that map looks good for the Democrats. Hugs


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