What are your thoughts?

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There are already calls for “forgiveness” and “healing” and “reaching out” now that Joe Biden is elected.

I understand the impulse behind these statements, but they are FUNDAMENTALLY immoral
The best version of the argument is something like this:
America is a divided country, and pursuing the politics of division will only exacerbate the existing split. It is necessary to model a more inclusive politics that celebrates differences.

The assumption is that SOMEONE needs to lower their weapon, and it might as well be the party that campaigned on tolerance. By demonstrating this better way, conservatives will give up their resentment of the left, and return to focusing on shared values rather than partisanship

One problem with this argument is that it is plainly wrong. America ALREADY TRIED THIS. A Democratic president with a legislative supermajority tried to demonstrate magnanimity. The Republicans REJECTED it, demonized it, and used the opportunity to DEEPEN the partisan divide.

That isn’t the part that makes it IMMORAL. That is just what makes it EVIDENTLY STUPID as a strategy for national harmony. It didn’t work pre-Trump, there’s no substantive difference that would make it work post-Trump.

We have lots and lots of evidence that the conservative movement broadly, and the Republican party specifically, WILL NOT give up politics of division because it’s literally the only tool they have left.

Here’s what makes it immoral.
Trumpism is the belief that all behavior is permissible if nobody can stop you. “If you’re a celebrity, they let you do it”. It is a credo that justifies ANYTHING. We have seen its results.

Trumpism is Republicanism now. They are the same. What GOP elected have learned is that shame, integrity, principle, and sacrifice for the greater good are not rules that MUST be followed to get elected; they are rather the albatross worn around the necks of weak and gullible suckers.

Trumpism responds ONLY to power.
If those with power refuse to exercise it in the pursuit of justice, they are REAFFIRMING the central tenet of Trumpism: that grace and mercy are for suckers and that actions have no consequences outside of perception.

Trump and his enablers and allies have committed ATROCITIES in their pursuit of power. They have not paid a price for it, at least not in the only currency they value, which is power. There is ZERO incentive right now for them to change.

The party of Trump persists. 70 million voters are a testament to the fact that a huge swath of America simply does not care about any consequence besides winning and losing.

They are unrepentant about the atrocities they voted for, to the point where they voted for MORE.
You will not change Trumpism by showing it a kinder path. You will change Trumpism by demonstrating that it DOESN’T WORK, and that BAD THINGS HAPPEN when you pursue it. And if you show, instead, that none of it matters, you embolden it.

That is immoral.
The purpose should not be RETRIBUTION. The purpose should be JUSTICE. And justice means consequences for causing harm, restoration of those who have BEEN harmed. Blowing past that so we can “move on” is INJUSTICE.

Forgiving those who show no remorse is INJUSTICE.
So no, granting “mercy” to those who have committed atrocities, who tried to steal their way to power, and who inflamed hatred for narrow personal gain is NOT a path to a kinder and more just world. It is the exact opposite.
Power must be used for justice. It is long past time.

By perversatile

I found this in the comments of this post.    Hugs

Trump To Face Crumbling Business After Leaving WH

25 thoughts on “What are your thoughts?

  • Fuck that noise. Trumpsters don’t care a flying F about our feelings or what we think or our positions on things whatsoever. If there’s any “coming together”, they’ve got to COME TO US. & they’ve got to CHANGE THEIR F*ng TUNE. Some making of amends would be nice, too, but I’m not wishing for the moon.

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    • Hello Polly. I agree. I view it not as a political view but a moral one. If the maga people support harming others to get their own way or use cruelty as a method of controlling people, they need not expect me to accommodate them. They need to grow up, educate themselves, and accept the US / world has serious problems and needs to join the world in fixing them. Hugs


  • Scottie, two comments. It saddens me that 70 million Americans voted to give the most corrupt, deceitful and chaotic of presidents four more years. Yet, they did. So, calling others the enemy as Trump did and does still is simply inappropriate. If we don’t learn to heal and talk with each other, then this tribal crap will continue. To me, it is exhausting, which is a word that could be used with the president.

    I loved Biden and Harris’ speeches. They were inclusive, hopeful and healing. We sorely need that last part. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. We have an issue you need to address first. Your goal is great, but your position is flawed. They don’t care about decency or normal behavior, and see your reaching out to hug them as a great weakness. They have been taught and for four years seen that uncompromising aggression is how you win. We have to speak the truth to them.

      maga live in a weird alternate world where they are right / correct and Biden is attempting a coup. They are deliberately misinformed. They are not interested in democracy. They want what they want, they are not willing to compromise. History has shown when a Democrat is in power Republicans try to delegitimize the government. The Republican idea of compromise is they get everything they want and the Democrats apologize for not giving in sooner.

      So no I am not interested in unilaterally disarming for them. They want to meet halfway on the bridge, OK it is a start. But I have seen during the Obama administration for every step forward the Democrats took the Republicans took a step backward.

      Right now the maga are deplorable. You do not give in to deplorable, you ostracize it. In children you set rules of good decent behavior and reward good actions and punish bad. That is what we need to do. So I will wait to see if they try to come to the light or if they stay in the dark. Hugs

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  • When have an of us seen a suggestion of reconciliation from Republicans? When they say “Let’s compromise”, they mean, “Let’s do it our way”. That has been a terrible flaw with the Democratic party for a long time. I’m glad we try to follow the bounds of the constitution and civil norms, but on the level of legislative negotiations and rules, we need to ignore their pleas for ‘compromise.’

    I saved this article from Daily Kos and I’m not sure I haven’t already posted it, but here is something to think about:

    If we can recall the Obama administration being in a similar situation we know what accommodations Moscow Mitch had for him.

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    • “compromise” for Republicans has come to mean “We suggest. You capitulate”. Very sad.
      We can’t play that “nice guy” game again. The majority of the people spoke and didn’t want more Trump. They wanted change. If there’s anything the last four years has taught us, it’s that this country requires positive change that benefits the citizens more than the government and the corporate interests. That’s what we want, dammit. There’s gotta be a way to work with these folks and make it clear it’s in the best interests of the country as a whole. But making legislation that actually does that (without “just happening” to benefit the elites the most) would go a lot further.

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      • So long as the lobbyists keep the money flowing to the politicians to sway them to their goals, the government is going to do just enough to make the average citizen think they’re working for them when, in actuality, they’re lining their pockets.

        So it has been, so it will ever be.

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        • That’s why I wish like hell we respected civic engagement and actually taught folks the myriad of ways they can keep active in their own government and keep the elected officials’ feet to the fire, because we elected them to lead, but they work for us. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. Sadly, the word “us” has been replaced with “lobbyists” for decades. We gotta get lobbying under control and move it aside, especially the ones for mega corporate interests.

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      • Hello Chatty Introvert. For a long time the wealthy and large corporations have desired a return to a time when government was of little regulator power and large businesses controlled society. FDR’s new deal stopped that and reversed it. So the wealthy since 1970’s led by the Koch brothers sank money into buying Republican elected officials and running shadow networks in advertising and media to get their way. They started so called grass roots organizations like the Tea Party. They claimed all the liberals were doing what they themselves were trying to do, just like the Republicans and tRump do projection now.

        Now these wealthy / large corporations own most of the Republican elected officials and a great many cooperate moderate Democrats. These Senators and Representatives know their money now in office and even larger sums of money out of office are tied to them making the wealthy happy. How does a person get elected to a $174,000 dollar a year job become multimillionaires in ten years or less?

        Republicans crave power and money, power is how they get money. Democracy and working for the people interfere with that, so they are not in favor of democracy. The wealthy believe government should only serve the wealthy, and never work for the lower incomes and poor. Poor people are easier to manipulate and people struggling to survive will accept worse conditions and smaller pay than well off people. The ideal worker is dependent on the good will of the employer with no government to turn to. Hugs

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        • Hello Cagjr. I love comments and always try to reply. The last week and half I have been sick and so not getting to them. I have been two days behind at minimum. But today I am feeling better and catching up. As for the like buttons, are you having trouble with them? Nan is. And over the weekend I would like something, go back and look 10 minutes later and it was not liked. Very frustrating. Hugs


          • Just a sidenote, Scottie … as I mentioned elsewhere, I generally use the Chrome browser, but decided to try using MS Edge to read blogs and comment. So far, so good. This morning, I got the “white box” twice … the second time it asked me to login, which I did, and so far all my “likes” have been accepted.

            It’s a pain having to use two different platforms, but we do what we have to do, right?

            Glad you’re feeling a bit better!

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            • Hello Nan. I think it is a browser problem, not WordPress. I had a good day yesterday but because I was feeling better Ron wanted a lot of my attention and I had laundry to get to. So I did not get as much done on the computer as I wanted. But yes it is nice to feel better. I was getting pretty discouraged. I am waiting for the results of my ultrasound. Hugs

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      • Hello Cagjr. Do you mean this one? ‘Voter fraud’ claims are a racist attack on Black voters so let’s act like it”. I enjoyed this, she is smart and has the truth of it, but it doesn’t seem like the one you mean. Do you think you could give me a link as my googling is not coming up with other posts of hers. Hugs

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        • I think you have the right lady. She was pointing out that most of the claims of fraud were/is in minority/black neighborhoods. MSM seems to not understand all the implications of contesting the election.

          O.K. I’m didn’t save the address. I’m sure it was on MSNBC. I’ll let you know. She is Brittany Patrick Cunningham and contributes to NBC/MSNBC.

          I take all the hugs I can get. Stay safe.

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        • This Moyers article is from Sep[tember, but it is a window into the GOP/Trump mindset. Project everything they plan to do onto their opponent:

          How to Plan a Coup – Bill Moyers

          Just a thought…

          “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”
          Maya Angelou


          Lord, History is weary
          of her unspeakable liaison with Time,
          for Time and History
          have never seen eye to eye:
          Time laughs at History
          and time and time and time again
          Time traps History in a lie.

          James Baldwin

          It doesn’t seem right that people like these should quit us so early, but the treasures they left behind ease us through the process.

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          • Hello Cagjr. The road to immortality and to being remembered is by what you leave behind. I just hope what I leave behind is a positive worthy of remembering. Hugs


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