11 thoughts on “Olbermann vs. Trump #25: Pompeo Was Joking? Wasn’t Joking? I Don’t Care. Cut Off Red State Funding.

    • Hello Cagjr. It has always amazed me some of the poorest states vote for the most austere Republicans who constantly try to cut any government services to the poor to enrich the wealthy. How and why? Look at Kentucky a seriously poor state voting for McConnell who has blocked for over half a year any assistance these people desperately need. I just don’t understand it. Hugs

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  • Hang on to the funding for at least one of the red states Scottie. Not sure how Twitchy Mitchy got back in but hoping he grows a set and actually works FOR us instead of spending all his time vetoing everything Biden tries to begin.
    Kinda down these days. One family member recovering from CV-19 but what happens if it recurs? Another family member exposed in horrible way to CV-19. Turning blue from holding my breath on this one. Won’t know for a while longer.

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    • Hello Angela. I was just telling Cagjr I did not understand how McConnell got voted back in office when he has been blocking the assistance and aid the very poor people in the state desperately need.

      McConnell has the same view of government that the wealthy do. The wealthy upper class believe that the government should only serve the wealthy, and never work to help the poor or lower class. A working class struggling to live will take any scraps handed to them by wealthy over lord corporations and are much easier to control.

      I am sorry to hear about your family members being sick. I wish them the best. Let me know any updates please. We have to hang on until Joe gets in charge and then we will get relief, hopefully we wont have to fight McConnell over it. Hugs

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      • Hi Scottie, McConnell has already told us here that he intends to block everything Joe puts out there, and for reasons known only to him has joined in trying to get the absentee votes thrown out as fraudulent. He got in with the support of the Right to Life people who for some unknown reason still think he will get Roe v. Wade overturned. If they would stop and think about it, he’s made that promise for the past 20+ years and hasn’t even thought about it after getting reelected since then. People get it in their brain that he will do what he promises and forget that he has made the same promise for all the years he’s been in there. Tunnel vision is the name of the game here. Kentucky is at the very bottom when it comes to Medicare coverage and benefits. We get absolutely nothing and have to pay more for it than other states, but that has a lot to do with when all the insurance companies pulled out of the state eons ago.. Most people don’t realize they are still being penalized for that stupid blunder on someone’s part. Hugs.

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        • Hello Angela. Republicans love to use social wedge issues to split the country and use peoples emotions to get reelected. That is because most of the polices that Republicans try to force into law are not things people want. Republican’s are a dying minority trying to force the majority to live in a way that enriches the wealthy. You mentioned Medicare, the left / liberal / progressives want to give people healthcare. The left wants to make life easier for the lower income people. Republicans fight this and want to make the lower incomes lives harder and more of a struggle. Yet poor people vote for them, and did not give the Democrats the Senate. I just don’t get it. Be well. Hugs

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  • At least Oklahoma has Lankford who tries (some of the time) to do what’s right. He is pushing for the transition to occur. He actually voted against the republican party stance on some very important bills. He’s still a suck-up to Inhoff (the beast from Hell we cannot kill..ummm…vote out). Take away the red state’s money. I am deep in one, make a whole 2 dollars more a month to collect any state assistance…we can get by without the money until our people pull their head out of their asses.

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    • Hello Suze. I seen Lankford on some news clips. While I give him credit for calling for Biden to get Intel briefings, I still fault him rushing to say he thinks tRump’s challenges need to be played out and so forth. Seems he was trying to have it both ways and not upset tRump.

      I would rather not take money from any state right now. I think we need to do a huge stimulus, get people secure with out having to spread the virus by working and crowding together. We need to help the medical systems, hospitals, help people pay their rent, pay their bills. People and states in in real trouble in the country, and we need McConnell and his ilk to understand that and to move to help the people. Hugs

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      • now, the challenges are a “normal” part of our elections and do need to be completed. Trump’s are complete nonsense, but still we need a court decision on them prior to getting the electors assigned. I hate the process though and will happily keep emailing and calling the senate in an attempt to get someone to begin the process of destroying the electoral college.

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