Think tRump and crew can get a clue? Enough already hold Republicans accountable.


4 thoughts on “Think tRump and crew can get a clue? Enough already hold Republicans accountable.

  • Scottie, on our plus column has always been the peaceful transfer of power. Now, even that is in jeopardy. Again, people need to know the president has been planning for this moment for over four months maybe longer. I wrote a post back in September just repeating what I was seeing called “Take it to the bank – Trump will soon to avoid losing the election.” I cited an article that spoke of his hiring 1,000 attorneys around the country, his defaming the mail-in process, and just lying as per his modus operandi. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. You are very correct, and you were then. tRump has not made it a secret what he was planning to do. The thing I noticed is the difference between tRump’s scenarios and reality is that in tRump’s mind everyone just gives into him and lets him have his way. That is not happening now.

      So we have other countries sending in congratulatory messages the State Department won’t forward to the Biden team . We really have a president trying to subvert democracy and cement himself as a ruler, and we have Republicans willing to go along with him they say now … to a point. But if they are willing to go along to a point, then they really are not willing to stand up for democracy are they?

      Earlier I posted a clip from CNN how the tRump people screamed and yelled at anyone challenging and not immediately accepting the 2016 election, now they are doing the opposite, where is their dignity and honor? Why should we take any of them seriously anymore. They were then and are today thugs. Simply a gang who desire power over others at any cost. Hugs


  • While I’m reading this, Ali Velshi is reporting on the very issue. No reports of voter fraud. Republican’s charges are going nowhere.
    Sour grapes. Crybaby. Remember the Republican suggestion for Dems in 2016: Get over it.

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    • Hello Cagjr. It is a political ploy the republicans hope will enrage their base even more for the Georgia run off elections at the same time give tRump cover. tRump is desperate to somehow make the Biden win illegitimate so tRump can not be called a loser. He doesn’t ever admit he lost anything and he brags constantly on how he is always the greatest in everything, so he can not allow a straight up loss. It deflates his whole shtick. How would he grift money from the rubes if he was not always the winner. Hugs


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