4 thoughts on “Weed was the real winner of the 2020 election

      • Suggested by my psychologist that I try it and purchased legally at a CBD/Kratom shop right here in my home town of Chicago. Script not needed. I actually don’t think docs can give scripts for medical weed. You can get a medical card, and docs can suggest it, but I do not think pharm companies are involvwed so….of course…scripts aren’t involved–not yet, anyway. I was gonna get a medical card but, since I’d have to pay 150 to 300 dollars to get it, I decided not to. I don’t need it here in IL anyway.

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    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. I am jealous. I wish the senior citizens in the Senate and Congress will get over their just say no fetish and fucken legalize what most people are using including them. Get over their fake morality. Forget Reefer Madness that seems to be stuck in their heads.

      I am tired of people who are culturally stuck in a country 40 years ago trying to keep things from changing. The country needs younger leaders who can understand the country today. Our left party is more right wing than right parties in other advanced countries. This doesn’t help our country. Plus it pisses me off. Hugs

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