4 thoughts on “Cuomo rolls the tape on GOP calling out election deniers in 2016

  • And all the people shall say…no shit. Every responsible news outlet should be running this every hour. Of course, we know it. There is probably no way to heap shame on those spitlickers in the GOP legislature, but perhaps, just maybe, some of the people who elected them can realize what they have done.

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    • I was reading Claytoonz morning post. https://claytoonz.com/ I do not think the Republicans can be shamed. Their goal for ever has been to create a democracy just for themselves that includes no others. It is clearly racist, bigoted, and anti-democracy. The want Republican white male Christian power. They can not have that if they have a complete democracy, so democracy has to die. They would gladly install tRump illegally, then manipulate him totally as much as they could to install a Republican White Christian male only power structure. I hate to admit it but even center right Republicans are OK with that, which makes them mildly racist, and very anti-democracy pro authoritarianism. Hugs


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