2 thoughts on “Eta makes its 4th landfall, ending its week-long journey of destruction

  • Hi Scottie. Yes we should be a global community and if we don’t stare minding the science, it will be pretty soon. When all the low-lying land becomes submerged, those people will go somewhere. The longer we do nothing, the faster the problem will grow. It should not be about politics, but it is. And it is about religion and Capitalism. They go hand in hand because they all have one interest in common: they want the public to be uneducated, ignorant, and credulous. Education, especially in the fields of math and science, are a bane to all three. The dark ages ended only when education was taken away from the church.

    The weatherman in that clip said he had never seen such a track for a storm.

    Vote Blue and Think Green.

    Here are a couple of places anyone can go to check up on the amount of land lost to the rise in sea level.



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