2 thoughts on “Is there one?

  • Hi Scottie. No. No plan other than their platform for the election, “whatever the resident wants to do.” They are living up to their history: no ability to govern. No desire to uphold the constitution. Jumping to pass Capitalist and Christian legislation. They cannot win an honest election. In 2017, they started taking steps to suppress the vote. They purged voter lists and limited polling places. Remember the lines?

    That is all they know. The only plan they have is what Steve Bannon announced in 2017, shortly after the inauguration, “We will take control of the Republican party. We will deconstruct the administrative state.” That is the kind of thing they do well. Just look what Trump is doing now. He has put his sycophants in charge of the Pentagon.

    How much of our military plans and secrete or sensitive information do they plan to make public or share with Russia?

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    • Hello Cagjr. Very true. The Republicans are more back bench bomb throwers, better at disrupting government than running it. look at Newt Gingrich. He was a big trouble maker shit stirrer but when given the chance couldn’t govern at all.

      I know that has been discussed about Jared and Saudi Arabia. There is a possibility that Jared funneled military and intel secrets to Bone saw in exchange for them buying his failing buildings. Never before was their a risk a former president would sell out the country, no it is almost guarantied. tRump has been protected when he screws up and just bleats out classified information. As president all he has to do is declassify it. But as former president he doesn’t have that power, and he can be charged. I guess it is a good thing he doesn’t read or listen to his intel briefings, but he still has a lot of intel about how things work that other governments could use. Jared and Ivanka have to loss their clearances as the FBI did not approve them, tRump did. Hugs


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