13 thoughts on “SE Cupp: What will it take to stop White supremacy?

  • What did the white guy say? A patriarchal system? As in Abraham. Which became Israel, which became the House of Judah, which is the blueprint for Christian Nationalism.

    For those Christians who visit this site, you may or may not know that Christian Nationalism has nothing to do with salvation or obedience to Christian doctrine. They are about establishing Christianity, their brand, as the state religion and eventually, the entire world will be under their control, which is supposed to trigger the Second Advent of Christ. The Rapture.

    All of those right-wing troglodytes, Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, Neo-Nazi groups, etc., are part of this Christian movement. They are sanctified by the same church which sanctified and took part in slavery. Take it from those people who are explaining what white supremacy is all about. You can also study church history, especially from 1200-1700.

    I’m an Atheist, so don’t count on me to give a favorable account of the Church or the oligarchs who support it. But I won’t lie to you as the Church does every day.

    Keep your dogma off my Atheism.

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      • I wish I could find an edit icon. Anyhow.

        Stop the Church. Stop the white supremacy. Why do we call ISIS terrorists? Because they use their hatred, backed by their religion, and their weapons to intimidate the public. If these so-called supremacists were in any other country, our democratically inclined Republicans would be first to condemn and call for U. N. peacekeepers.

        We have white supremacists planning to kidnap a state governor. We have armed Nazis taking over statehouses. What does law enforcement do when they take to the streets? They stay out of the way. They are white, after all. For any other skin pigmentation, blood would have been spilled. Heads would have been clubbed.

        Treason – the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

        Here I go again. Hatred, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and any other prefix you want to stick in front of -phobia, are products of religion. (Well, mostly.) Religion is the root of all evil. Nobody was afraid of a normal life until someone said, thou shall not. The Philistines were OK until God said otherwise.

        Joy Reid just said the word. Seventy million voters chose hatred. It is not going to be healed up very soon.
        I wish I could just hi-lite them and hit delete. Well, prayer doesn’t work either, or Trump would have won in a blow-out.

        Oh, good. The dinner bell.

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        • Hello Cagjr. It is hard for me to accept that 70 million people in our country are OK with tRump and approve of his actions. The racism, the cruelty to children, and the making of some people a second class. The open racism is stunning, but the quiet hidden soft racism is just as bad and something I did not expect. I know an older couple that refuse to believe anything negative about tRump and they only accept bad news items about Democrats. Yes they watch SPTV and believe it is all the truth. However when given the facts, when faced with reality they just refuse to accept it, refuse to change their minds. They wont even try to reason it out anymore. I like this older couple, but how to reconcile their acceptance of these untrue ideas and the fact they are part of the problem in the US?

          While I have not heard them say anything racist they have to have some racism to allow them to accept caging brown children? They have to have some racism to accept making it harder for POC to vote at every turn? But this is where we are at in this country. Some groups have had an unacknowledged accepted privilege and they simply do not want that privilege to go away. To have everyone treated the same means they are no longer special, that the country is changing, and change scares them at their age. Hugs


          • Scottie, I had a thought cross my mind as I was reading about that older couple. I think what could be happening with people like this is they simply don’t look behind the curtain. IOW, they take things at face value without examining the consequences.

            The children in cages is a good example. From their perspective — yes, they have children in cages, but they’re looking for the parents. And that ends their train of thought. They don’t consider the actual conditions these children are living in. They simply don’t identify with them as human beings.

            And this type of thinking is the same with the virus. Someone has told them it’s not that big of a deal (“it’s just the flu”), so they don’t spend anymore tie worrying about it. The statistics of the sick and dying are just that … statistics.

            Bottom line (at least IMO) is that conservatives are more interested in how life benefits them while we, “the liberals,” care about how life affects everyone.

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            • Hello Nan. You could be very correct. Tomorrow I will sent you an email about this. I am very tired and worn out. I feel I am racing to get everything done. However I will sent you an email because I think you can explain somethings that confuse me. Night for now. Hugs


      • Hello Cagjr. I understand. This entire Republican and religious power grab is destroying what the country is. It is antidemocracy. Is turning our back on what the country was becoming, a progressive free country of ideas and regressing into a restrictive nation of limited rights for most, total rights for a select few. I served in two branches of the military to protect what I thought my country was capable of becoming only to see in my later years it regress into a government of oppression. It is time to reject that, but with Alito’s speech to the Federalist society it clearly shows he is entirely for a religious doctrine controlled society that places religion over every other aspect of life. He also seems to be OK with restricting everyone’s rights while expanding rights for religious conservatives. He argued against masks as a huge violation of liberty but doesn’t seem to feel that way about pants and making females cover their breasts. Seems to me he is less concerned with the laws and more with what he feels should be right, his emotions over reason. Hugs


    • Hello Cagjr. As I have been saying all morning, Republicans have long wanted to only allow Republican wealthy white males to vote. But in the 1980’s the evangelists got into politics with the idea of changing the country into a Christian controlled country where the laws were based on church doctrine. At first these people did it for money, if they could force other religions out and force everyone to be part of their religion they could force a religious tax like in some countries and increase donations. But once they got a taste of power they took over the Republican party. Now the only ones that they want to be able to vote is Republican white Christian males, and they want a Christian nationalist theocracy. Anyone who doubts their goal of total take over and ending democracy should look up the 7 MOUNTAINS MANDATE:




      I like living in a democracy. I like that if you have a religious faith you can practice it, but you can not force others to do so. I do not have to live as your lifestyle and you do not have to live as mine. However look at every country where a religion has become part of the state. Where religion has taken power and can make laws and enforce doctrine. Well we have all seen the media about the abuses in Muslim / Islamic run countries, right. We shake our head and claim it is sad, thinking only Islam does that. But that is wrong. In any country where one religion is dominate and has power they use that power to harm others. Even here in the US as is now playing out with the Christian leaders demanding the right to discriminate. Yes religions demanding the right to treat others as less than or as second class because of beliefs and 2000 year old writings.


      As for the rapture that so many of these religious people demand, it is a worship of death and destruction. Christianity is a death cult in which it spends this life looking to a possible unproved second one, that you have to die to reach. They ignore the joys of living to possibly have a second chance. In the rapture the saved go away to safety while they watch joyfully as the rest of us, their friends, family, and majority of humanity suffer and are tortured. Their desire to be right in their superior belief makes it OK to accept the death and destruction of mankind and society. Weird. Hugs


  • Scottie, thanks. SE Cupp is on the money. I do not always agree with her, but her opinions are worth listening to. It troubles me that 72 million people felt this president was worth four more years. This embrace and greasing the skids for white supremacists is a key example of why he needs to be sent packing. I see his followers pull out one or two examples where he said the right thing, but those examples stand out as he is often shamed into such after being chastised for earlier remarks.

    The Charlottesville response is a good example. He made his “good people on both sides” remark, was chastised, he recanted, then he doubled down on the bad comments a day later. Most Republicans are not racist, but the president is and so are the white supremacists. His coalition requires his fans to ignore other groups that support him and things he says to placate them. For example, he says he has done more than Abraham Lincoln for African-Americans, but his actions note their rights are not the same as those for whites. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I have been wondering at the soft bigotry in the US and that 70 million that voted for tRump support it. I am not talking the raging white supremist, but the white people who accept the privileges that come with being white and they accept that those not white, those POC, have none of those privilege but are mistreated on a regular biases. Those people that understand this and that tRump promotes this mistreatment and still vote for him scares me. These white people just don’t like the normal changes happening in our country, and they hate the subconscious idea they have that they might be treated the same way POC have been treated in the country. Good reason not to treat others badly but treat everyone with respect. Either way the change is coming and they should accept it as natural. Hugs


      • Scottie, “soft bigotry” is an apt and more scary term as it embodies too many. We need our leaders to be among our better angels. Trump is among our worst. A leader would condemn routinely poor actions. This one may be shamed into saying something good, but usually after he says something hateful. Often, he will double down on the bad comment after the good one tires out. Yet, we need our religious leaders, business leaders, community leaders, mavens, and political leaders to condemn poor actions. Bigotry from the pulpit to me is the worst uses of power. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. The problem is tRump believes he is super smart, the smartest person in the room, and he is racist and believes bigoted things. So he may be forced to do a half assed walk back, but that interferes with his own thoughts. So the walk backs fail and he reverts to his nature. Hugs


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