Trump asked aides if he could pursue a wild plan to replace the Electoral College with loyalists who would ignore the vote, report says

  • President Donald Trump has asked aides about a plan to remain in office by subverting the Electoral College, The New York Times reported Thursday.
  • Under the plan, GOP-controlled state legislatures would ignore the popular vote in swing states and appoint Trump loyalists as electors to secure the president a second term.
  • Business Insider reported earlier Thursday that the plan was gaining currency among some Trump supporters — despite how unlikely it is to work.
  • Experts say the plan, though technically possible, would face enormous legal and political obstacles.
  • The Times’ sources stressed that though Trump had asked about the plan, he did not seem to entertain it seriously.

President Donald Trump has asked top aides about a wild plan that involves replacing electors in swing states with loyalists to secure himself a second term, The New York Times reported on Thursday.

The Times report came hours after Business Insider reported that the plan was gaining currency among Trump allies.

The plan hinges on Republican state legislatures deciding to ignore the states’ results and instead send a new group of electors to the Electoral College who would cast their votes for Trump.

Such a plan, while technically possible, has been widely dismissed by experts as unworkable in practice and an affront to US democracy. Business Insider’s report noted some of the problems with making it work.

Citing sources familiar with Trump’s activities, The Times reported that the president pressed his advisors about the plan at a meeting on Wednesday.

“It was not a detailed conversation, or really a serious one,” and did not reflect any “obsessive desire” of Trump to remain in office, the report described the sources as saying.

Trump has made no public statement since Insider projected Joe Biden to win the presidency on Friday and other major news organizations called the race for him on Saturday.

He has spent time playing golf, watching cable news, and tweeting accusations of electoral fraud, many of which Twitter has labeled misleading.

According to reports, top advisors have admitted privately that Trump’s lawsuits challenging vote counts in swing states are unlikely to succeed.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

4 thoughts on “Trump asked aides if he could pursue a wild plan to replace the Electoral College with loyalists who would ignore the vote, report says

  • Hi, Scottie – how’s this for a prophecy:

    Watch for tRump to be rushed to Walter Reed on or about Jan 19th, due to “a sudden and unexpected medical emergency.” He’ll transfer the prezinicy to Pence, while “still conscious,” while giving him a prezinential pardon, but then not recover until the evening of the 20th, or even sometime on the 21st, avoiding having to concede, or to even attend any inaugural proceedings.

    Pence, meanwhile, will pardon tRump and his family, along with almost all the other administration and Cabinet officials, for “any past, present, or future crimes committed,” giving them a “Get-out-of-jail card,” and even though acceptance of such pardons is an admission of guilt, they’ll all be spared from criminal prosecution at the federal level.

    Which still leaves them vulnerable for Civil proceedings, or prosecution at state levels, for things like tax evasion and lying on insurance and loan forms, and giving false testimony, but unapproachable for his evil wrongdoings as preznit, and while campaigning.

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    • Hello Dennis. I think you give tRump too much credit that he has the ability to be shamed. So I think he wont bother with an subterfuge.

      I think simply go to Mar-a-Largo for Christmas, he will then never go back to the White House, but instead will go to his properties forcing the government to spend money at his properties until the very end. He will not bother to do any work on behalf of the country but will sign EO trying to grift, hurt Biden, or fuck people over. He will remain hateful and hold grudges.

      As for turning the presidency over to Pence for a pardon, I don’t see him doing that. Instead he will simply pardon his family himself and he has long claimed he can pardon himself. His ego won’t let him turn the power over voluntarily. Plus he is thinking of his children being president if he can not, so he wont want to give Pence anything to help him. Pence got fucked when he hitched his wagon to tRump. Hugs


  • Scottie, there is very little on the negative side that Trump could do which would surprise. He has planned what he is doing now for many months. He would only surprise me if he did the right thing and conceded.

    But, he will not concede as his fragile ego cannot accept the fact he lost. I am a broken record on this but he is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime including Nixon. He is also irresponsible and unaccountable. He needs to go away.

    Biden is a breath of fresh air compatrd to the incumbent, who even Mitch McConnell wrote kind things about at a Senate farewell in 2009. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I just watched Beau of the fifth column and he explained that there simply is no way for tRump to use faithless or legislature appointed electors. Hugs


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