10 thoughts on “What the party of personal responsibility is teaching the kids.

  • Scottie, indeed, what lessons does this party leader and party teach? Cheating, lying, name-calling, and bullying are OK. It is OK to grab a woman by her private parts in public, because if you have money you can do anything. It is OK to hit on your business partner’s wife. It is OK to blame others for your failings and take credit for good things, even if you did not have much to do with it.

    Two key questions for loyal Trump fans.
    1) would you work for someone who blamed you for problems and took credit for your hard work or ideas?
    2) would you let your sixteen year old daughter be left in a room alone with this person for any amount of time?

    When I hear he is “just rough around the edges,” it makes me ill. My grandfather was gruff and rough around the edges, but he was a decent man. Trump is not in the same ballpark as decent.


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    • That is all true but it is much more extensive’ there are about seventy million people who support him. Also, we have all those white supremacist groups and Christian Nationals, I hope in much smaller numbers, who are of breeding age and some already raising children. Chris Hayes just echoed your point, the people who should counsel Trump just say, “well, it is just Trump. We will humor him until he does better.” I think we all agree, it hasn’t worked yet. Trump is like a child who never had the benefit of loving supervision. And society suffers the consequences.

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      • Hello Cagjr. We as a country have to work hard to undo the approval and the gains tRump gave to the racist and the bigots. Those people that hate others so deeply and teach that to their children, they really should face consequences. If we want to have a progressive inclusionary society then we need to take the steps to educate racism / bigotry out and to keep it from spreading.

        I just watched Bill Maher try to interview a tRump campaign person on the election. Bill tried hard to keep it on known facts. It was impossible. The tRump person spun it continuously as a fraudulent election and how badly the Republicans were being treated, how all the process was rigged against tRump. She was unflappable about reality, simply denying all the facts with certainty.

        I just don’t know what we are going to do, but we must do something. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. I agree. But people knew this and still voted for him. I find it hard to think of those who voted for tRump as decent people, knowing what we do. Even those who only voted for him based on their income level and getting to have less taxes, is that extra worth the horrible things his administration has done? It doesn’t make them any more decent to vote for tRump for extra money in tax breaks than the racists who voted for tRump. If a good person does bad things, are they really a good person? Hugs


        • Hello Nan. You have a far greater understanding of this than I do. You have a more day to day interactions than I ever could. I depend on your reports to better understand what is happening in a possible right wing mind set. Thank you. Hugs


          • Scottie, Nan and Cagjr, good points. What we lose sight of his how we do things matter. There are too many Trump supporters who do not seem to be troubled by how he does things, rationalizing it as rough around the edges. Yes, he is rough around the edges, but so was my grandfather – but he was decent, honest and cared about people. Even when Trump ends up on the right side of an issue, his tone, denigration, bullying and overbearing is harmful. Trump does not value relationships as much as he values transactions. Emphasizing the latter is a poor business model long term, as it is for a government.

            A good example is the tariffs, which no one wins in that battle. What Trump does not care about or maybe think about is buyers and sellers of products, agriculture, etc. will find other markets. Farmers have said there is not enough money to pay them for their lost pipeline of sales, as China went to farmers in other countries. So, he damaged relationships that will hurt for several years to win a political argument, in his mind. The fact that he has lied about the impact of the tariffs repeatedly shows how he wants to hide what he has done from his voters.


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            • Hello Keith. If you watch tRump interact with reporters you see how he thinks of other people. Unless you are wealthy you have no right to question him or disagree with him. You are to accept what he says with no reservations. He really does think wealth equals superiority. One reason he inflates his wealth so greatly, he needs to feel superior. Hugs


              • Scottie, if you have not seen the movie “Motherless Brooklyn” about a detective with Tourette’s Syndrome (it is excellent and is written by, directed by and starring Ed Norton), there is a character therein played by Alec Baldwin that is patterned after a real life New York power monger and developer named Robert Moses. The latter was overbearing and steamrolled people. But, catch the last scene Baldwin is in with Norton. That is what Donald Trump is all about. Keith

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          • It’s not interactions, Scottie, because I have very few. For me, it’s just obvious … but then I look below the surface. I’ve always been very interested in what makes people tick and have done considerable reading (and some study) in psychology.

            I can almost put my mind into theirs (mind meld??? đź‘˝) as I watch the actions and listen to the remarks of the Trumpsters. While I definitely do NOT agree with their thinking, I can see where they’re coming from.

            IMO, what’s happening and what’s causing so much conflict is that, in general, these people are so persuaded by their OWN ideas and beliefs (often influenced by external sources) that they see those who disagree as blind and dumb. They are simply unable to look beyond (as I put it in my last comment) their own backyard.

            There’s a word for this type of thinking, but I’m not going to use it here. I think most of your readers know what it is.

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